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Nothern Air Charter

Contact details and fleet of the aircraft operator for NORTHERN AIR CHARTER (P.R.), INC. Latest tweets from Northern Air Charter (@Northern_Air). NOAA Aviation Weather Center (ADDS) Northern Air is a small airline based in Peace River, Alberta, Canada.

North Air, Peace River, Alberta.

North Air Charter (

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North Air is a small air carrier located in Peace River, Alberta, Canada. Edmonton International Airport and Calgary International Airport as well as charter flights in Alberta, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. Quick-search results for Northern Air". Canada Transport. The following articles about a North America, Middle America or Canary Islands carrier are keywords.

Well, this story about transportation in Alberta is a stump.

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When you have large amounts of goods or need to transport to a non scheduled location, we have planes available for charter or flagging stops. Boeing 737s can take off with minimum prior warning to transport your airlift to any of our major scheduled destinations or to any municipality with appropriate take-off and landing facilities.

We provide a full stop services to more than 40 country landmarks in Alaska for goods traffic that does not need a full airlift. At an all-inclusive rate, you can send so much air traffic that fits securely into our plane, from one point to another. There is also a small amount of air traffic on the way back.

It consolidates your cargo from various providers into one consignment in Anchorage or Fairbanks. Do you have to send outside of Alaska? Charter service is available all over the world. Flagging can be a better alternative if you are looking for a cheaper alternative than an airplane charter and have large cargo or only a portion of a planned cargo.

Planning your stopover at least four and a half working days in advance will allow us to adapt our timetable. Please call our charter agent at 907-249-5142 for information on our Alaska charter airline or stop flight airline operationservices.

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