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The New York City ejects Charter Spectrum: The MVNO agreement concluded by Verizon as part of the TWC acquisition was not exercised in full by Charter. Are you looking for Charter, Time Warner cable or Bright House networks? "background background[edit] The Logo TV (often abbreviated to Logo, and stylised as Logo) is an U.S. based broadcast station owning Viacom Media Networks.

Introduced in 2005, the programme was initially targeted primarily at people watching lives of children with disabilities (LGBT), but in 2012 it moved towards a general culture and lifestyles programme.

Given that the LGBT-related channels were given the name'Logo', some spectators were lead to believe that the'l' and the'g' were referred to as'lesbian' and'gay', but according to management the name does not stand for anything and is not an abbreviation. The LOGOonline logo published a compilation of web pages, all of which are described as part of LOGOonline, the generic term for these web pages.

Mid 2009 Logo shifted its flag ship page (LOGOonline.com) to the LOGOtv.com name. NewsNowNext.com - A newsletter about the latest developments and popularity. Logo began a video-on-demand offering of selected program contents in September 2006, available from Comcast, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS.

The logo program has been available since the Roost was officially launched. The logo provided several voice and videopodcasts via the iTunes Store vault panel. Initially, the offer comprised podcasting voice and visual for CBS News on Logo, Jason Bellini's Here & Now, Speaking to Manatees, She Said What? and Wisecrack.

Logo launches a new audiopodcast entitled Oh God I'm Go, on July 28, 2007, which deals with healing topics for lives of lives of LGBTs. "Viacom will be rolling out the homosexual conduit tonight." Recovered 2014-10-29. Copyright ^ "Cable network coverage area household universe estimates: Recovered 2014-10-29. Recovered 2014-10-29. MTV Launches Lesbian Homosexual Network.

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Logo-TV. Recovered 2014-10-29. on Logo TV." 24 March 2011. Recovered 2014-10-29. "Logo's new program slate unveils shift away from gay-centric shows." Recovered 2014-10-29. Carney, Brian T. (March 1, 2012). "The logo extends programming." Recovered 2014-10-29. Logo strengthens cultural change through extended programming".

Recovered 2014-10-29. Andreeva, Nellie (1 March 2017). "RuPaul's Drag Race" changes from logo to VH1, Viacom shows changes? Returned on March 2, 2017. LOGO GREENLIGHTS A SECOND SEASONS OF "FINDINGPRINCE CHARMING". Returned on March 9, 2017. 6 March 2017. Returned on March 9, 2017.

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