Charter Spectrum Business Phone

Spectrum charter business phone

Telephone services and solutions for small businesses The Spectrum Business makes it simple for you to connect all your staff to the Voice Services, which include the following: With over 30 key call functions, Spectrum Business Voice gives you all the functionality your business needs, plus unrestricted calls to anywhere, anytime. You can also keep your current phone number and gear.

There is no need to be concerned about cancelled phone conversations or bad signal quality like with mobile telephones. In addition, our enthusiastic business account managers are located in the U.S., available around the clock, and supported by locally recruited field engineers to keep you in touch. The Spectrum Business Voice is a fully featured business phone answering system that works with your company's secure business system, point-of-sale (POS) system and facsimile devices. Business with over 30 call functions for free!

At Spectrum Business, we offer toll-free numbers that enable your company to communicate a more proffesional look and feel and inspire your clients to make calls - at an accessible cost. The Spectrum Business provides low per-minute prices for calls to over 200 destinations worldwide. Calls from abroad are only possible for new clients. Prices may differ depending on the markets and the nature of the telephone services.

Dependable business phone experience with indefinite long haul and over 30 call functions. Reduce your costs and your costs by bringing voice and data together. Select from a range of Internet, voice and TV related services. The Spectrum Business Voice offers unrestricted long range telephony for USA, Puerto Rico and Canada call.

Internacional phone conversations are not covered with schedule and are separate. Interna-tional phone conversations are valid for promotions and Spectrum Business Voice Internationals subscription. Ask for the tariffs for your Spectrum Business Voice Solutions. Fees differ by countries and are applicable to all phone conversations directed to a specific cordless or dedicated number.

Not all functions are available in all areas. Our products and sevices are governed by all valid general sales agreements, which are susceptible to changes. The Spectrum Business Voice solution provides call reject ing, call forward, call diversion, call waiting, call-ID, hunt group, 3-way call, incoming and outgoing call restriction and voice mail. HI does not provide extra call functions or toll-free servicing or long-distance number routing.

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