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Here are the cities where you can still buy cheap tickets. Telekom Austria (TKTS) - Discount Broadway Tickets Stand Currently there are three Telekom Tsticks in New York City which are operated by the TDF (Theatre Development Fund) - The Telekom Ts terminals are situated in:....

and downtown Brooklyn. Booth offers half-price New York show ticketing for Broadway shows. You can get same-day discounts for Broadway shows, Off-Broadway and other art shows with up to 50% off the initial fare at the Telekom Austria Tourist Information (TKTS) kiosks.

Ticketing racks make it very easy to buy same-day Broadway passes at a reduced rate, making it a very attractive destination for visitors. Here there is also amusement in the shape of "The naughty cowboy", who defies the weather with nothing but a couple of pairs of short briefs to wear his own guitars and take pictures with them.

When you are at the TKTS stand in Times Square and the queue is long, don't be too daunted as it is moving fast and this gives you enough free decision for which show you need your ticket for. Reduced ticket prices available at the stand are usually for Broadway shows with a decreasing tendency, which reach far fewer audiences than in their prime, but are still a great theater.

Don't look for the most beloved Broadway shows to be available - because if they can fill the places at full cost, there's no need to ask them to resell them for half the value. However you can find ticket for more famous Broadway shows available at discounts of 20%, 30%, 40% and even 50%.

Please note: TCTS always adds $4.00 per ticketing fee. Telecommunications myths: However, keep in mind the best way to get these discounted Broadway tickets is to buy them in advance, CLICK HERE for detail. Though a large number of folks do it and the TCTS discount card booth has some great Broadway card deals, they are usually not the cheapest Broadway cards.

Discount Broadway Ticketing List offers the best discount prices, all of which are available in advanced - The TKTS booth ticketing can only be bought on the show date and with enough stock. The majority of crowds stream to the Times Square TKTS venue for their Broadway ticketing rebates, but the South Street Seaport and Downtown Brooklyn venues are open a full hour before the Times Square venue, so they always have the best stock of ticketing.

Every ticket is electronically issued and can be purchased at any of the three sites.

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