The Yellow Cab Company

Yellow Cab Company

business clients It is our aim to offer a timely taxis pick-up and drop-off point as well as reasonable rates, inclusive of door-to-door airports. You' ll be more than amazed by the riders, reliability and capacity to get you to your destinations on schedule. All our chauffeurs are licenced and skilled, and our fleets are maintained on a regular basis. And not only that, our vehicles are luxurious and you will appreciate our cab services, whether you need us only once or on a regular basis.

I work for the Yellow Cab Company: 483 Ratings

That taxi rental was $400 a wk and I would only make $600 so I would only get $200 a wk for myself and I had to put in my own fuel and spend long periods of time trying to get an offer before someone else would. Also I would get my customers' phone call 40 min after their call because of the dispatcher and I would end up getting cancelled phone call after I arrived or very angry people.

It' t that I was my own chief. In fact, I didn't like the company because it didn't offer any benefits and the fact that you weren't getting well enough pay for long shift work, so I chose to stop. It was my everyday job as an self-employed entrepreneur/driver to move clients from one place to another.

Badly managed, badly communicated, costs too high for performed work, never got follow-up requests to the chief executive officer. Badly managed, regulations that don't hold true for everyone. Bad comms. The work at Yellow Cab could help me get through school and get my very first's a shame that the web firms have taken over.

My first entrepreneurial experiences were as an entrepreneur and my own manager. As the new company came in, I didn't sense it was reasonable how they let us go without notice. Extremely efficient and entertaining, quick company to work for. I was hired as a rider to work 12-14 working days, regardless of when I worked.

Working 60 and a half hour a weeks to make ends meet, it' still not enough to live and have a shelter. Enterprises like Lyft and Uber are offering a much more appealing option and offering more opportunities. One advantage is that they supply a car. Pick-up clients and took them where they had to go, and collect payment by money, cards, Medicaid.

That company will charge a great deal of cash to use its own car, less if you use your own car. Hardly see any yellow taxis here in Southern Palms Beach Country. The company doesn't value its people.

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