How much does it Cost to Charter a Private Jet

What does it cost to charter a private jet?

What does it cost to buy a private jet? As an executive in private aviation, the most common question people ask themselves is: A private jet charter does not have to be complicated. Must I book my flight well in advance? What does it cost to charter a plane?

What does it cost to charter a private jet?

Jet car or on-demand charter? A lot of private air travellers have several options, and while jet tickets provide comfort and you are insured by the security standard of the jet ticket programme you buy, the low priced Siren Carol from charter agents is calling at least some of us. Looking ahead to the upcoming holiday season, we took a look at Stratajet, the on-line charter agent, to see the best rates they could come up with.

Naturally, as you look at the offers below, remember that if there is a mechanic or a pilots, you need to get a last-minute requirement, something that can drastically raise the cost and can involve re-positioning charges and crewing and accommodation surcharges.

A number of jet ticket programmes contain de-icing. STRATAYET maintains that its rates are inclusive of all applicable taxes. Using on-demand charter, you will also likely be liable for additional charge due to diversion, something that various jet chart schemes can handle, which shows everything worth comparing before you buy. Cheapest private jet charter price from New York to South Florida round trip:

Cheapest private jet charter price from New York to Vail round trip: Cheapest private jet charter price from New York to Phoenix return flight: Cheapest private jet charter price from Los Angeles to Maui return: Cheapest private jet charter price Los Angeles - Aspen round trip: Dallas offers cheapest private jet charter to Jackson Hole round trip airfare:

How much does it cost to ride a private jet on a private jet?

It is a far more complex response than you might possibly be expecting since there are basically 5 different programme styles that all use different price policies depending on the type of trip you are flying. For a better understanding of the difference between the different programme models, I have described them for you below:

You own the jet, you take on the pilot and you are in charge of all related expenses such as a storage facility, insurances, maintenance, petrol, etc. Scores of private jet aircraft are available, each with its own specification, cost of fuels, service and cabins.

The cost can be challenging, if not prohibitive, as unforeseen incidents such as a birds or flash of thunder can cost ten thousand or even hundred thousand dollar. However, some owner companies decide to engage a charter manager to keep the plane chartered in order to lower the cost, but there will be an increase in abrasion and the value of the plane will fall above normal.

Either by acting as seller agent for managing airlines (also referred to as operators) or as buyer agent by assisting clients to purchase planes from the available fleet of charterers. brokers can append a level of services and some can help increase consistent operations by suggesting higher level carriers and planes based on their long standing expertise.

When it comes to private jet charter brokerage there are very few rules, so it is advisable to do your homework, and if they do not follow the below mentioned fundamental rules, you might want to look elsewhere. As each broker chooses which operator and jet to provide to a customer and determines the level of margins on each voyage, it becomes even more challenging to guess broker prices.

Established in 1997, Charter Broker Silent developed the first JetCard to improve the charter price consistence. Initially, they were offering a $100,000 ticket entitling the client to travel at set per hour prices without re-positioning charges, which are the biggest cost driver. He would purchase aircraft from the available charter fleets of Policy 2 above.

Later Sentient began to modify their agreements with the carriers, where they would pre-purchase the flying season with a particular jet in order to obtain exclusivity for their clients, and then, using clever computer optimisation algorithm, undertake client travel with these aircraft in order to lower the cost of re-positioning. With this new approach, cost reductions and improved jet performance were achieved.

Sometimes this new type has been called a " Definite fleet ", which means that the programme only uses certain types of operator and jet to carry out journeys for passengers. A number of them are designed by airlines with their administered fleets of aircraft and others by brokerage firms using different charter segment. Ensuring that jet card programmes are available and priced can be difficult, especially if they do not have a predefined airline pool, as they have undertaken to charge a firm fee to the customer and are obliged to maintain very competitive prices in the charter world.

For this reason, Jet Cards limit your exposition by restricting the geographical location or accessing peaks; adding flying times to each route (they usually call it cab time) or include minimum flying times per diem, which means you will be billed a full 2 hrs even if you only spend 1 hrs.

NetJets founder Richard Santulli launched the first Fractional Jet ownership programme in 1986, offering an option to full jet owning and chartering. It was the first to provide a firm per hour fee without reduction cost. A number of rival programmes have developed since then, two of the biggest of which are now held by Directional Aviation; FlexJet and Flight Options.

There are now programmes with only a 1/16th proportion from a wide variety of planes, and some offering jet cards that can be bought in 25 hours steps, such as Marquis Jet. As with the Jet Cards in the above mentioned 4 options, Fractional Jet Ownership programmes will increase cab times, minimise segmentation and minimise per diem fees and some will restrict the use of peaks.

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