Airport Taxi Prices

Flughafentaxi Prices

Appreciate taxi fares from/to airport, hotels, bars, monuments or anywhere in Singapore. Taxi Tariff Calculator Minneapolis | Minneapolis Taxi Tariff All orders have a $5.00 or higher retail charge. Outermost border areas may have higher tariffs. You can drive up to 6 six for the cost of one, according to your car and seat capacity.

$4.00 "Airport Access" charge will be added to the $2.50 flagg on all flights departing from MSP Airport.

Only one entrance charge per journey, regardless of the number of people. It allows the chauffeur to collect the charges incurred for accessing the airport. Please click here for our fare estimator. All Street Hails are at $2.75 per kilometer as defined in the City of Minneapolis, the City of St. Paul and the Metropolitan Airports Commission.

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The taxi rider is legally obliged to switch on the taxi meters for all extraordinary journeys and the price depends on what is shown on the counter. A surcharge may be added to the ticket price by the rider - see section on the surcharge. Passengers can select how the taxi meters are to be used, either as meters or with a lump sum tariff.

Every off-peak tariff service legally demands the use of the taxi meter. In case of journeys outside the city, for those travellers who require to know the costs of the transport in beforehand, the rider will indicate a charge from the list of charges drawn up by the Ministry of Transport and placed in the meter.

When the taxi is on hold, the customer pays NIS 90.8 per full wait, or NIS 22.7 for every 15 minutes if the counter is not on. If the number of seats is more than two, a charge will be made. In the case of a trip where the number of seats exceed two, a flat rate will be charged in supplement to 4.7 NIS.

For a single journey, an extra flat rate of 16.1 NIS is charged by Hotze Israel (Road No. 6) on Hwy 6 at the passenger's option.

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