Private Airbus Interior

Airbus private interior

The new Airbus private jets feel like a Pagani super car. Airbus presented the latest interior for its private ACJ319neo at the European business aviation convention and trade fair on Monday. Infinito - the new interior - is a cooperation between Airbus Corporation aircraft and the super sports car manufacturer Automobili Pagani. "By combining the best from the world of super sports cars and executive aircraft, we are creating an exciting and smooth connection for our mutual clients, introducing a new cab interior style and meeting very exacting standards," said Benoit Defforge, Managing Director of Airbus Corporate Jets, in a declaration.

At the heart of the Infinito interior is the unique Infinito skies, which offer a glimpse of the skies above the plane without the need for a solid glazed canopy. Airbus says the ceilings in the skies give the cab a sense of lightness and room. Pagani's interior architecture staff created the overall aesthetics of the cab, imitating the sense of multi-million dollars supercar ownership.

Infinito's interior is divided into several segments - among them a movie theater, a seating area and a lounges - divided by translucent partitions that can be made obscure at the push of a switch. Built on the next A319neo aircraft family, the A319neo can carry eight passenger aircraft almost 7,800 mph or 15 hrs non-stop.

Featuring state-of-the-art aircraft dynamics and highly effective turboprop power plants, the A319neo will focus on flying to and from airport environments with difficult operational environments such as high altitudes, high temperatures or shorter take-off and landing distances. In March, the A319neo or a new powerplant variant took to the air for the first ore. Base Airbus A319neo is worth $99.5 million at face value, without the Infinito interior life expenses.

Pictures: Inside the private Airbus A380 Flying Palace

A private lift entry, bypassing the passenger boarding bridges and the "normal" people in the terminal buildings of the terminal, meeting rooms, permanent dinner desks and private bathrooms - these aircraft have it all. each with a double bedroom, a relaxing and eating area and of course an en suites bath and toilet.

while barstools can use the room as a relaxed rendezvous for beverages and other beverages. These ten people can then go to a private conference room with possibilities for presentations for more informal discussions: There is a large 14 -seat eating and conference area for large groups, all equipped with pull-out foot rests, massaging equipment and variable backrest.

Of course, the chair person has a straight look at the TV at the other end in case the get-together gets a little bit dull.....

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