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This is how you get discount tickets for the State Fair of Texas Editors note: This history has been revised to mirror the rebate for the 2018 State Fair of Texas. Texas people look forward to the State Fair almost all year round, but they also have to spend just as much time saving to get the most out of the game. Remember that a general entrance fee is $18 for an adult and $14 for a child.

That' another $14 for a seniors pass, and you haven't even given in to a cheesy canine. For $9 on the opening date, September 28, a Fairgoer can get a $9 pass by taking a 20-oz Dasani or a 20-oz Coca-Cola 20oz drink to the goal. Contributions go to the North Texas Food Bank.

The opening date is also the date of appreciation of the fair, which means free entry for all current and pensioned members of the armed forces, as well as veterinary officers. Please be sure to provide a valid army ID card and a valid marriage card to get free entry to the conference. The First Responder Days will be held on 12 October.

Activated and pensioned criminal prosecutors, fire fighters and ambulance personnel are granted free entry, as are up to three of their relatives. Meet the State Fair at half cost every night after 5pm by taking an empty Dr. Pepper can to the goal. State Fair of Texas also provides regular specials on selected days of the week.

Each Thursday throughout the fair is a senior event, on which participants aged 60 and over have free entrance. Buy ahead on-line and you''ll be saving $1.50 on trade show tickets for every single weekday. General tickets are $16.50 with this rebate and children's/seniors' tickets are $12.50. Buying with the DART GoPass application saves $2 on trade show tickets for every weekday.

The tickets are undocumented and will be checked from your mobile device at the gates. Buy a lunch at McDonald's and get a voucher that will either line your tablet or be filled into your to-go pocket. Vouchers are valid for $5 off GA tickets or for a children's pass with the regular entrance fee purchased.

Vouchers can be cashed in on any trade fair date. Pull over at NorthPark Center for a feel-good rebate. Now, until October 21st, you can buy State Fair Tickets for $15 (or $3 discount) and $4.50 thereof with Family Gateway, which provides home care service for homes with homeless people.

You can buy tickets at the shopping centre Neiman Marcus in the shopping centre Koncierge on the first floor. State Fair of Texas will be held on September 28 - October 21, 2018. Visit our State Fair of Texas Hub Page, a one-stop store for frozen foods, fair events and more.

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