Boeing Bbj Interior

Bbj Boeing Interior

Inside Boeing BBJ (photo; Jet Aviation). A tour of the interior of a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ). darrenphillipson.

BBJ Boeing 787 VIP Privatjet Interior Photographs

This is clearly the philosophies of a very wealthy aircraft that purchased a Boeing 787 as its (or her) own personal plane. It is a tailor-made Dreamliner from the Boeing Business jet engine business suite, hence the name BBJ 787" - and it was designed according to the individual taste of its new owners from tip to stern.

"With this BBJ 787, we are entering a new period of business air travel in terms of luxuriousness, convenience, innovation and style," says Stephen Vella, CEO of Kestrel Aircraft Management, who turned the naked Boeing 787 into a fluffy personal jumbo jets. The Kestrel Dreamliner is the creator of a new epoch of company and VVIP planes that can travel non-stop between any two points in the world "with a 40 passenger load capacity and ample free baggage".

Nearly twice as long as the Boeing standard Boeing commercial jets, and with three base areas, the Dreamliner's tailor-made interior was designed by Pierrejean Design Studios in Paris, who previously worked with both large business jets and luxurious oceanliners. Naturally, you'd rather be at the other end of the Boeing 787, where the soundproofed main bedroom is equipped with a Californian royal bed......... behind the bath there is an enormous two-person showers and floor heating.

A Boeing 787's listed cost starts at $225 million (AUD 300 million).

The Boeing interior of a commercial jet: The luxurious bathrooms are unbelievable.

BATH ROOMS in privat jet airliners are now so unusual that they probably look better than at home. The Boeing Business Jet has shown its new interior and the rooms could go face to face with a funky passenger apartment Suite, The Sun states. Elegant showrooms presented at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Geneva include walk-in shower rooms, roomy washbasins and giant pools.

They can be customized for personal, commercial and government use. Designed to provide clients with the same airside comfort they have on the floor, they include office space, bedroom space, showers, diners and entertaining areas. Since the beginning of 2017, seven orders have been received for Boeing' s business jet aircraft.

Orders comprise four state jets for two major governments in Europe. In addition to the soft-touch interior, the airplanes also have 78 percent bigger window sizes than those of the A330, so passenger visibility is even better than before.

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