Private Jumbo Jet

Jumbo jet for private use

Jumbo jets are now being bought and personalized by billionaires to replace miserable private aircraft. Boeing Business Jet offers all the speed and range of a much larger jumbo jet while retaining the intimacy and luxury of a smaller aircraft. The jumbo jets are the biggest option for private flights. With higher speeds and a greater range, the Jumbo-Jet can fly around the world and bring any entourage to any destination. Jumbo Jet is a real business tool that your team should use on your next charter flight.

A glimpse into the world's only private Boeing 787 Dreamliner Jumbo Jet

During the Dubai Air Show 2017 the aeronautical journalist Sam Chui took a look at the biggest, most luxury and only private jumbo jet in the whole wide range, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The Deer Jet's remodelled "Dream Jet" offers a huge living area, eating areas, a lovely head room with a 42 inch TV, a wardrobe and a large full bath room with full facilities including showers.

That' s what the interior of a 400 million pound private jumbo jet looks like.

And for those milliaires who are tired of traveling with the big ones without a wash, or who just want a little more space than the first grade has to provide, there is this $600 million (389 million pounds) private jumbo jet. This is not some old private jet - it is a private JUMBO jet - a Boeing 747 to be precise.

Individually designed by Greenpoint Technologies, it has its own independent restaurants, dinning rooms, main and spare rooms with en-suite bathrooms, kitchens, cinemas, offices and several common rooms. Well, there it is.

Jet Private Services

Returning to the gold era of aeronautics, when flight was a luxurious experience, airport was not crowded and airport times were not rash. But as with all luxuries, the more common the thing becomes for humans, the more devalued it becomes. There' s much more to fly than just getting from point A to point to point on your journey with our private airline charters.

If you wish your group of travellers to depart and reach you on the same plane, we arrange charters for your private or professional trips. Offering you option and all associated cost from dependable, chartered, licensed operators serving our customers in Kuwait and abroad. As well as private flights, our committed agents take charge of your transfer, making your reservation, changing dates and even the concierge's needs.

With our vast network of partners, our state-of-the-art communication technologies and our unrivalled expertise, we are perfect to become your first port of call for private jet airlifts. We offer a wide range of services: Combining the best private flights and jets with the right travel for your needs, we save you precious travel times and a lot of moneys. When you need group service, airfare is the most convenient and quick way to get to your endpoint.

We adapt every part of your trip and avoid the waiting lists and mess of the big airports terminal, yes... no itineraries!

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