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One of Australia's most popular destinations, the UK is always a good place to start planning your next trip with our cheap flights to the UK. Booking your cheap flights to London, UK. Booking cheap flights to UK & Europe online with House of Travel! Latest, best offers for cheap flights to London, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt and more.


Tap the Tab key to browse for flights. In spite of its greatness, England is one of the most versatile European nations to which one can soar. Travelers can discover ancient places such as Stonehenge, stately mediaeval palaces and historical country houses as well as comfortable public houses, first-class museum, contemporary architectural, forward-looking designs, cutting-edge theater, and exciting nightspots.

It is all this that makes England such a prestigious travel country. Let yourself be enchanted by great items to help you prepare your next journey to England! A Sherlock Holmes London sightseeing is a must for every Sherlock Holmes aficionado. Have a look at our great value online store with great value for money in London's different neighborhoods.

It is an incredible place, but can be difficult to see for price-conscious travelers due to high grocery prices. Explore our selection of holiday package deals to England!

Discount flights to Great Britain

It is a constituent empire made up of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Your trip to the UK will most likely take you to London, England's main city and an important destination for the UK. Here you will find most of England's famed sights, from Buckingham Palace and Big Ben to all the roads of the Monopoly Board.

It is a vibrant and historical London that is well worth exploring for a few extra day. England's other important entry point is Manchester, a metropolis in the northwest. Scotland, on the UK's idyllic side, is a country of gentle verdant mounds, historical palaces, enchanting touches and mythic beasts.

Begin your Scots vacation in Edinburgh, the country's cultural capitol. Wales lies just north of Scotland, a land full of spirits and abundant in nature and beautiful scenery. Wales retains its own cultural and dialectal Celts despite its accession to the United Kingdom in 1282. City of Cardiff is the capitol of the land and a great place to begin your Welsh trip.

Come to Cardiff Castle, find out more at the National Museum of Wales and explore the arcades of Victoria. Although its past has been turbulent, Northern Ireland is now a tranquil place where nature's splendour radiates and cities are developing. Belfast, the city' s main city, has a number of Viktorian roads and historical bars within easy reach of Michelin Star Michelin Restaurant and children's play areas.

Staying at a Scottish Scotland White House Pub in Scotland in winter might be great, but in summer you have several additional hour of natural light, which is always good on vacation! Call the Flight Centre at 133 133 for cheap flights to the UK.

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