Wodonga Taxi Service

Vodonga Taxi Service

Taxi Wodonga Taxis offers its services of taxis in Wodonga. Wodonga Taxis' address is : Albumury Wodonga Taxi's Call Center move annoys clients with handicaps The changes in the centralization of the call centers of two Tasmanian taxi companies have caused fear among repeat clients with handicaps who do not seem secure. Mr Wodonga-based Disability Advocacy and Information Service's managing director, Martin Metzger, said buyers with incapabilities that depended on cabs for transport had complained as the call center was shifted away from the area.

Situated on the borders of Victoria and NSW, the call centers of the taxi companies Albury and Wodonga have been operating from Hobart in Tasmania for more than a year. "Disabled persons have not been able to find a chauffeur with whom they are comfortable and the call center does not know where to pick them up or where to go," Mr Butcher said.

"If we call a taxi in Wodonga, you have always brought a head office in Wodonga to make a call. "Now the call center has relocated to Tasmania, where locals do not know the area. "I think it could be a big problem if humans are feeling insecure and are not using the taxi and therefore insulated in their houses or in danger of getting wounded or wounded.

" Butcher said he had heard grievances from some who said they were not able to ask for a rider they trust and who knew their particular needs. Many disabled persons have special needs and their handicapped persons' chairs are very costly items of furniture, so they should be able to ask for a rider who knows them and their gear so that they can be carried securely.

" Butcher said he had been receiving informational grievances from persons using taxi scooters. "They do not always have the feeling for those in wheeled chairs that their chairs are bound firmly enough and have been moving. "They felt ill to other travellers because the riders were too fast around bends and braking too hard, so they didn't really know they were safely with the riders they had.

" Butcher said he was concerned that those who have security problems in cabs were not prepared to comment. "We' ve received feedbacks about the taxi service, but we' ve never let anyone come for help with a formality request," he said. They are either self-satisfied and will simply accept it, or they have found other ways to solve their problems, or they have the feeling that there is nothing that can be done.

" M. Butcher told disabled persons dissatisfied with their service to turn to the Availability Advocacy and Information Service, which can talk to the taxi operator on their behalf. However, the taxi operator is not responsible for the service. So why move the call center to Tasmania? Albury Wodonga Taxis chairman Scott Cowie said the call center's move to Tasmania was less expensive for businesses and facilitated books.

"Having a telephone answered in Wodonga just got too costly, unlike the Hobart folks who shared it a great deal, which makes it much less costly for us, but unfortunately doesn't offer a better service," Mr. Cowie said. Mr Cowie said he was frustrated to learn of the complaint, but both firms allowed clients to continue to ask for a particular rider.

"When you call and want to communicate with one individual and then make a reservation five moments later, you are likely to communicate with another individual", "This makes it a little more complicated and may be a little more challenging to make a reservation.

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