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Private jet Vip

Government rents private jets from companies like Jetflite Oy. Luxury VIP Private Jet Throughout our lifecycle, our goal is to offer you first-class leadership experiences. It is our deep-rooted love of aviation and our commitment to fulfilling the expectation of the very luxurious services we offer that is the basis of who we are. Possibility to fly anywhere in the globe at any given moment, without the limitation that flights change at a moment's notice. What's more, the aircraft is able to fly anywhere in the globe.

If you need to modify your timetable before take-off or during the trip, this is an outstanding and immediate advantage of our services. Our guarantee is a first rate event and maximum versatility. To fly with us is not only a singular and custom-made travelling event, but also an adventurous one. Journey around the worlds and see all the beauty and wonder that awaits your eye from the comforts and luxuries of our private jet.

Our aim is to offer you an memorable adventure. Legacy 500 offers convenience, advanced features, and power for a superior travelling environment. Imagine a beautiful ride and a great adventure! Thank you very much for a pleasant journey aboard the new private jet in the Middle East.

Private VIP Jet Charter

Our customers come from all areas of our lives, even the VIP' s, who are quite well known and immediately recognizable. Whether you're on the road for business or pleasure, we know how to take care of all our customers and every customer has different needs. We know that it is vital for high-calibre customers to protect their private lives and to protect their opportunities to go on holiday.

Whether you need full luxurious accommodation, bedrooms and bathrooms or a cosy lounging area for a short trip, we have the right plane for you. We offer VIP caterings, whether it's a dinner from your favorite cook or restaurateur, a particular type of sparkling wine or Malzwhisky, we'll make sure that everything is offered the way you want it to be.

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