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Previously it was owned by Air India Charters, but later also in. Locate Srilankan Airlines flight schedule and airline status online. SriLankan Airlines check-in procedure. Anyone know how to book economy seats on Sri Lankan Airways? Somewhat worried since the desire to sit together and the ratings of the airlines are terrible!

srlankan Airlines Web Check-In, SriLankan Airlines Online Check-In

You can now book your SriLankan Airlines flights directly from your home. The Web Check-in accelerates your check-in procedure by allowing you to check in and check in your boarding card directly from your computer.

You can also check in your baggage in advance, choose your seating, catering options (if available) and much more before you fly out. Provide SriLankan Airlines web check-in facilities. Do you want to make a reservation? Express Way 1-touch air reservation - the quickest way to make your air reservations.

MobileNow booking your flight and hotel on the go!

SILLANKAN Airlines | Flat 23% Discount on SILLANKAN Airlines Online Booking

The SriLankan Airlines - the Sri LankaĆ¢s domestic airlines has its headquarters at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo. Sri Lanka's domestic air company is currently the biggest international air company flying to India in relation to destination, servicing 14 towns and villages. With Rehlat, Srilankan Airlines provides you with the cheapest fares and a flat 23% discount on the online reservation of Srilankan Airlines with the voucher "KSA23" for all Srilankan Airlines flights to destination.

Here you will find all information about Sri Lankan flights, favourite destinations, in-flight fun, free luggage and Sri Lankan airline state. Currently SriLankan Airlines has 13 Airbus A330s (long-haul) and 8 A320/A321s (medium-haul). The SriLankan Airlines reservation is possible for two classes: Business seats - Travelers can choose from broad and roomy business seats and benefit from outstanding width and legroom.

Business Grade seating has a dedicated AVOD display for each seating position with the latest films that can be played on-call. The SriLankan Airlines Online Check-in is available for a smooth travel and travel er can also provide a printable version of the passenger's own travel card. Travellers can check in online 24 to 2 hrs prior to take-off of the regular service.

Please ensure that all travelers arrive at the airports early. The check-in desks at the airports are closed 1 hr before planned departures. The SriLankan Airlines Airline Level Check can be obtained if the customer has a SriLankan Airlines confirmation reservation. Please have the following information ready to receive your air traffic control updates:

The free luggage of SriLankan Airlines is very good and allows you to take additional luggage for a face value payment. Free luggage of 10 kg is permitted for each category and the size of the luggage should not be more than 115 cm. Free luggage of 23 kg is permitted for each category and the size of the luggage should not be more than 158 cm.

The SriLankan Airlines offer tasty food along with a choice of the best wine to give every traveller an memorable time. Upon SriLankan Airlines requests, the airline will offer specific meal arrangements if pre-ordered at least 24hrs prior to departure.

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