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Liverpool's free taxi price calculator. Simply enter the start and end addresses to calculate taxi costs in Liverpool. What is Liverpool's lowest price charterer? However, for those clients who decide to rent privately, who is the best? On our Saturday night we would see a trip from Lime Street Station to a friend's home in Lark Lane at about 1 pm.

Our next trip in prospects would take us from Anfield to Lime Street Station around 5 pm - as a sign of how many Liverpool supporters had to foot the bill against Southampton after the kick-off on Saturday at 3 pm.

Eventually, we asked the companies how much they would bill for an early-morning voyage from the beloved Seel Street nightclub sports back to their friend's home in Lark Lane - with this voyage around 3am. It is one of the largest and best-known privately owned rental companies in Liverpool. And Davy Liver was one of the largest companies in town.

Lime Street's first travel to Lark Lane in the afternoons cost only 6. The offer for the post-football tour was also low - with an offer of 5. 50 offering to take Anfield's supporters back to Lime Street. Eventually we were quoted the low £6 for the 3am drive from Seel Street to the Aigburth region.

Another company from Liverpool, Radio Car is located in the heart of the town and offers car rentals for Merseyside trips. Pricing quoted to us when we phoned Radio Car's was very similar to that quoted for the first two trips - with a 6. 50 offer for the lunch break Lime Street to Lark Lane trip and a 6-£7 offer for the post-match trip from Anfield to Lime Street stop.

Radio Cars, however, had one of the more costly offers for the nightly voyage - with a cost of £8-9 for the 3am ride between Seel Street and Lark Lane. Liverpool has been operating Village Taxis from a Garston based facility for 47 years.

It'?s another company offering some really cheap prices. The first thing we were asked when we phoned Village was an £5-£6 quotation to get from Lime Street to Lark Lane.

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