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Taxi-receipt London

With the help of taxi receipts you can reach people travelling within London. <font color="#ffff00">BBC NEWS | UK | England | England | London

Cabmen refuse to give tickets to travellers for their trips until the receiving machinery, which they were compelled to fit, is scraped. New Transport for London (TfL) legislation came into force on 1 January. "The receipt states that a tip can be typed if this is the will of the person travelling, and we have no objections to it.

Cases may arise where it is more appropriate to provide confirmation in writing." According to Mr Flynn, the aircraft will make it easy for taxi drivers to hand out tax revenue notices. The receipt information must contain at least the date of issuance, the date of issuance, the measured ticket price, the measured extra and the overall tariff.

From October all London taxis should accept payment by credit cards | UK News

As of October, all London's taxis will have to accept contact and debit cards and non-contact payment, Transport for London said, as the taxi industry is set to keep pace with Uber's technology challenges, the Ride-Hailing application. Cardholder organizations have declared their willingness to reduce the cost of acceptance of tickets and other non-contact means such as smartphones worn by taxi drivers.

The groups that represent taxi riders said the TfL's ruling on urban transportation in the capitol would help both riders and clients. "that takes tickets is terrific message for London. When you call a taxi in the near term, you can be sure that you can make the payment you want - creditcard, non-contact or bar.

Undoubtedly, this is better for our clients and for operators who will profit from additional work," said Steve McNamara, General Secretary of the Licensed Taxi Driver Association. Its move to binding cards in taxis comes at a challenging period for London's 22,500 taxis to face the challenges of Uber, the U.S. $40 billion valued firm that has revolutionized taxi operations in urban areas around the globe.

London based operator of the London based shopping cart Black-Cab are defending themselves with their own smart-phone applications like Hailo and Gett. With Hailo, Londoners can take a taxi with their smartphones. At the recent turn in their competition with Uber, the London taxi drivers are considering a legal suit to try to withdraw Uber's license to run in the town, referring to the fact that the company does not pay corporate income in the UK.

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