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The Skyscanner global meta search engine helps you get the best prices for air tickets to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka flight schedules | Sri Lanka flight offers Sri Lanka, an Asiatic archipelago in the Indian Ocean, is known for its magnificent sandy shores, interesting cultural life and powerful religiousness. Colombo's small footprint makes it simple to discover the historical town of Colombo and its nature. Soak up the surfs and beach fun on Negombo, Mirissa, Arugam and Kalpitiya shores.

It is home to many wildlife, so come and see one of the Sri Lankan nature reserves. Journey to the Kandy spirit land, scale the Sigiriya cliff fort, see the remains of old Anuradhapura, wander around teaplan farms and buy from colorful swimming malls. Monsun is a tropic land and differs depending on the side of the islands; the rain seasons in the eastern part are between October and January, while the wetest time in the western part is between May and July.


The best way to get the best fares on avarage is to make your reservation 56 nights in advance. What's more, you can get the best fares by booking 56 nights in advance. Your flight will be cheaper and you'll get the best fares. As a rule, the most costly booking date is the date on which you plan to travel. The best flight date of the weekend is Tuesday for the cheapest fares and Saturday for the poorest.

A Tuesday flight also means a brief weekend after your homecoming if you have to go directly to work on Wednesday. During the best flight season of the afternoon, night flight (from dusk to dawn) is usually less expensive than mornings. Depending on your travel location, your flight schedule may vary, so we cannot be sure if you will waste or win your flight, but night flight can help you safe your life.

City of Chennai to Colombo flights, fares @ ? 3152 + ? 20.000 immediate refund

Colombo, the biggest town in Sri Lanka, is a favourite port and an even more favourite travel spot. There are SpiceJet, SriLankan Airlines, IndiGo and Air India to choose from while you fly from Chennai to Colombo. SpiceJet 7, SriLankan Airlines has 29, IndiGo 13 and Air India 7. The first service from Chennai to Colombo is SpiceJet, which departs at 12:05 pm.

Last available is SriLankan Airlines, leaving at 9:15. A non-stop service from Chennai takes an estimated 4 hour 15 minute journey to Colombo. Because of the immediate geographic closeness of India and Sri Lanka, there is no temporal gap, and both are operating with GMT +5.30.

To ensure the best places and receive the best deals, you must book your ticket 90 business days before. Chennai lnternational Airport's IATA is MAA, and it is one of the few places where national and foreign terminal are located side by side.

Provides amenities such as currency desks, nurseries and luggage packing equipment. There are two major destinations in the country, Bandaranaike and Ratmalana, with the IATA CMB and RML code. The Bandaranaike lnternational Airport (CMB) is the most important and serves over 8 people. This Sri Lankan aerodrome, with three terminal buildings, also provides children's day nurseries, post office service and disability packages.

We recommend that you review the arrival information for your aircraft to see which airports you would board at. Kolbo's monuments vary from large scale houses that tell stories of Portugal, the Netherlands and Britain to Islamic, Hindu and Buddist style monuments. As you appreciate the architectural beauty, make sure Mount Lavinia, Columbo National Museum and Galle Face Green are definitely on your Columbo Go-to listing.

It is also possible to verify your ticketing confirmation with your Passenger Name Records (PNR) level and reduce your waiting times at the airports by using the Web Check-in feature. Are there any additional places to sleep on the airline websites? Business classes offer many additional places to sleep. How high is the avarage bandwidth of Economy Fares on the Chennai - Columbo itinerary?

Economy fares vary from Rs.3781 to Rs.6781. SpiceJet, SriLankan Airlines, IndiGo and Air India offer ticket sales in this area. Do you have a web check-in for your trip from Chennai to Columbo? Yes, the traveller will receive a web check-in on his or her journey from Chennai to Columbo via either a web check-in service or an international airline check-in.

Has Chennai Airport a baby diaper service? Yes, the Chennai airport has such equipment for baby and toddler.

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