Taxi Police

Taxicab Police

This is the new Huntington Beach Police testimony vehicle. Yeah, this half cab, half a police car, is here to remind you of Choose Your Ride. Polizeitaxi increases awareness of DUI - Police People of Glendale, California. Conceived to look like half a police squadron and half a taxi, the truck is part of an effort launched by the Glendale Police Headquarters in 2015 to demonstrate the risks of riding under this impact. News that the police taxi wants to broadcast is that a $20 cab home trip is much less expensive than a $15,000 domestic tax penalty that involves attorney expenses, a contribution to a sacrifice reimbursement trust and higher medical expenses.

"Children obviously like police vehicles, so children have a good chance to sit in the car and get photographed. "Photographing and distributing car imagery to the general population is part of Glendale Police's policy to raise people' consciousness of drunken drivers. A Facebook mail with the car brought in more than 4,000 commentaries, said Lichfoot.

It was also used at various stations of the German Railways (DUI) and sometimes carried German rail transporters ( "DUI") to the police stations. "She had the brainchild to create a half police van, a half taxi van, after seeing this police in Huntington Beach, California. used a striped wagon with a taxi sign on the rear half as part of the "Choose Your Ride" advertising drive.

Huntington Beach Police's 2014 Huntington Beach Police offensive was started when the number of alcohol-related road crashes in the town increased, while the number of people arrested in Huntington Beach using drugs decreased. He accused the police sheriff and senior management of Glendale and the Glendale Police Foundation, a voluntary, nonprofit organization that provides funds for programmes and supplies that the department's budgets cannot cater for.

A member of the Glendale Police Foundation voluntarily signed up to finance the work. "The Glendale Police Foundation had a member who lifted his hands and said, "I will finance the whole thing because my dad was murdered by a dangerously dangerous German army driver," said Mr Leffoot. Working with Glendale Police Sgt. Teal Metts and Mothers Against Drunk Drriving, Photofoot developed the concept that compares the costs of a taxi trip with penalties and phrases such as "The Choice is yours" and "Think before you drink".

" Designed from Metts' interest in race car and race car designs, it was intended to make a car that was eye-catching, funny and educational. Police Taxi is part of a greater Glendale Police Division commitment to contain disease to humans, neighboring a subsidy that allows the Division to put more officials on duty patrolling to reach disease to humans.

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