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It'll be faster & easier to book a private jet, anywhere. The PrivateFly is a private aircraft booking platform that makes it faster and easier to book a private jet anywhere.

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The PrivateFly Group is a privately chartered worldwide brokerage firm with sites in 19 jurisdictions: (Australia, China, France, Germany, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, United Kingdom and United States)[1] The Group' s head offices are located in St Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. ACANA is a member of ACANA,[3] BACA,[4] EBAA[5] and NBAA[6] airlines.

It is using these technologies to break the legacy jets hip brokerage paradigm by creating a website with on-line estimations and offerings[7] and also providing iPhone, iPad[8] and Android[9] device applications.

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FreeFly Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews from

It'?s good to know. Thank you for letting us have a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a review and enjoying the rest of your day. I have had great experiences with PrivateFly! I have had great experiences with PrivateFly! Employees were very courteous and courteous and gave me a feeling of confidence. Hopefully we will have the possibility to work with PrivateFly in the near time.

We were very pleased and glad to know how lucky you were with everything. Thank you for purchasing PrivateFly and we look forward to working with you again soon! Sincerely yours, four of us have recently made the trip back to Tivat in Montenegro organized by PrivateFly. Our outerbound and in-bound crew were outstanding and very well-informed.

Eating and drinking was abundant and of good workmanship, which made the overall event very impressive. I am glad that you enjoy the trip to Tivat - what a great rating. Amazing staff, very simple to work and to adapt our needs to the small group for which we organized the plane. Glad to know you were so satisfied with the services, the plane and the crews.

Sincerely, was a perfectly good time. It was a great ride and the crews were great. It'?s nice to meet Greg. Thank you for your evaluation. Sincerely, nice to meet you and hopefully we can get you flying again soon. PrivateFly gave us their best regards for booking sightseeing tours from Houston/Big Spring, Texas.

Your services were flawless, from the administration people ( Anthony and his teams ) to the crews. Such a great rating - I am really pleased to know that you liked the planes and our services. Thank you again, I am new in the charter of privat jet, so I came close to this topic with fear. PrivateFly employees answered my fears with their reactivity and patient answers to my many queries.

I' d suggest them to anyone who wants to rent a personal aircraft, especially those with little previous work. Thank you Andrew, it was a joy to help us and I am happy that we made your first experiences with posting such a great deal of personal time. The use of Priavtefly to broker our personal charters was of the highest possible standard.

Throughout the whole proces I was able to interact with them, resulting in a stress-free and simple overall learning outing! I' ll return to PrivateFly in the near term for their service. Thank you Will, what a great feed -back - we are very pleased to be reading this! Thank you very much, the staff was very friendly and professionally.

Thank you Natascha - nice to know. With best regards, I had my first plane ride with this firm and everything went well and as planned. Nice to know you had your first PrivateFly Nabil experiences, and thanks for the response. In any case, I will be recommending PrivateFly to anyone wishing to make a reservation for a PrivateJet. You are a dependable and service-oriented business.

Recently I chartered a Privatjet for one of my VVIP clients at Privat Fly and the personnel handled it very well, with last minute latencies caused by our client's traffic...the Privateefly personnel are very alert and professionally available around the clock, which is very important...a good Privateefly adventure charter and I will take care of them for all our upcoming charter reservations....

This is a great rating, we really appreciate this good response and I share it with the whole group. Thank you again, thank you - that's good to listen to! Congratulations, I made a reservation with Philip at PrivateFly USA. Packages were great, the PrivateFly staff worked well together to ensure a seamless journey!

The PrivateFly are very good - have already made a reservation for a plane ride back from Nantucket to Boston! Thank you Rachel, great to have this reviewed. Thank you very much for working on your aircraft - and we look forward to the next one! It was an outstanding time from the first time we contacted PrivateFly to the time we left the terminal.

Charters are definitely the way to flying and PrivateFly is the crew you can work with. Thank you for your nice evaluation, it was a real joy to work with you on your trip. I am very glad that you liked your trip and we would be very glad to help you with your next trip.

Thank you again for your evaluation - it really does help me and our staff to improve our services! So I did a fast Google sweep for personal air travel between Paris and Edinburgh. Clicking on the PrivateFly hyperlink, a few moments later I spoke to Wasim, a great London support representative.

While it wasn't inexpensive, everything went very well and Wasim made the accounting clear at every stage. Not sure if I'll use PrivateFly again because it's costly, but I can tell you that their support is unsurpassed. Many thanks for your evaluation of our services - much valued by me and my group!

ROCKSTARS are PrivateFly. WOW, what a great crew!!!!!!!! The PrivateFly did well for us. When my first encounter was renting a plane for more than 50 persons, they came up with an astonishing offer and helped me all the way. Can' say enough about her crew, the kind of encouragement she found impressing.

When you want to rent a glider, the Privatfliege should be your only RUF. Thanks a lot for your great James reviews! I myself and our staff really loved working with you on your flight and it's nice to know that you also enjoy working with us. Surprising PrivateFly experiences, I highly suggest it if you are considering renting a PrivateJet.

Thanks for your nice evaluation, me and the PrivateFly staff are very pleased that you enjoy your trip!

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