Small Jet Plane Price

Price for small aircraft

Minor jet owners must charter a larger aircraft or book a commercial long-haul ticket. If you want a lower upfront cost, NetJets also offers financing and leasing options. The JetMe is a small Internet company with a large database. All in all, the HondaJet is quite smooth in view of its (relatively) low price.

Pilot, find the plane that suits you best.

Have a look at some of the planes available to us that are waiting for you to get started. Every type of airplane for every type of trip. With pressurized cabin and excellent close-range performances, these planes allow more airport use. They are a completely new entry-level jet and provide great value in tranquil, contemporary booths.

These aircrafts are perfect for up to 2 hour flight. There is a large selection of small executives for six to eight people. Each of these planes have well-equipped cabin and are a favorite class on the marked. Reach can be from 2 to 4.5hrs.

The majority of planes can accommodate eight people and have a cruising distance of three to five-hour. A few model offers a cabin crew, the later ones also have a significantly enhanced baggage compartment. Those planes provide many advantages of the large jet, but at more competetive prices. A full vertical height, large baggage allowance and roomy staterooms make this class a favourite one.

The seats vary from eight to ten and the cruising distance of these planes is 5 to eight flying hours. They feature roomy staterooms with a six - to nine-hour cruising distance and seats for eight - to 16 people in first-class executivestyle. Big executives planes that provide cross-continental capability. This is the ultimative plane for personal jet-travels.

Reconstructed to fit smaller groups into first-class seats, these planes are loved by world leaders who offer comfortable and luxurious accommodation with sleep options for the client. You are the flawless airplane for global touring. Turbo-prop airplanes are best suited for short-haul flying. The small planes are ideally suited for smaller groups wishing to make short-haul trips.

Aeroplanes have a one-speed narrow-body configuration and are typically used on small- and medium-haul flights. Large aircrafts are designed for each passenger trip for more than 250 people. They offer the possibility of delivering consignments that cannot be undivided on regular service and combining good economics with the possibility of supplying smaller and offline aerodromes.

These planes can fly large and voluminous shipments between large metropolitan areas, at rates near those of normal commercial shipping, but with the agility and safety that allows you to know that your specific consignment will be handled as a matter of urgency. These aircrafts enable the transportation of large and heavier loads from design to construction with minimal outlay.

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