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You can order a taxi from your mobile phone, tray or laptop with App-a-Cab! "My good friend Heidi sent me pictures of this lady who just arrived at her husband's scrap yard in Lawrence Massachusetts. The Checker Taxi Taxi, don't you recall? Prepare for the pickup truck.

Prepare yourself for the restitution of the dignified Checker type plate of Taxi Glory. Plumber of frames, alarms and other special equipments for law enforcement and security cars, is planning the manufacture of two cars under the legendary brand, among them a pick-up van that transforms Checker's renowned taxi look into a Chevrolet El Camino styled one.

In the Checker Motor Cars business unit, the enterprise had previously been restoring the old driver's cabs. Here, the old driver's seats had been replaced. It will now be assembling new cars in small quantities, thanks to the broad range of automobile parts that can be used in small batch manufacturing and a revision of government regulation, said Steve Contranio, VP of Checker Motor Cars.

After recently visiting the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association exhibition in Las Vegas, Contranio had the vision of starting the design of new testers, where he saw several suppliers producing small volumes of bodywork, chassis, suspension and other automobile parts. There was such a large choice of foreign parts that he was able to resume small series manufacture of Checker-cars.

Checker Sport Pickup's renders show the style taken from the front of an early Checker cabin, which is connected to an El Camino stern from the 80s. Designed in this way, Checker is able to fuse his own style with specially crafted composite bodywork materials that channelize the old El Camino tail and loading area.

Contranio said that the lorry will continue the Checker traditions of more robust trucks by having a fully packaged metal chassis, but with car bodies made of synthetic composites. Verifier is planning to use General Motors engine in the conveyance, either a Flexi Fuels 58 or the new 2. 8 liter Duramax gasoline, which is to be wage in the medium-sized Chevrolet Colorado medium size output motor.

A train like that would go with Checker's legacy. Checker was offering a one-year version of a diesler in the early sixties. They are also planning a second six-door, three-row saloon seat inspired by the old Checker Aerobus design. The limousine will appeal to shoppers such as hotel and sight-seeing coach operators looking for something special, said Contranio.

Originally Checker began almost 100 years ago as a taxi driver in Chicago. A legendary 1958-82 Checker A-series sedan was created, which was regarded by travellers as the golden benchmark for taxi cars in the USA for many years. Over the years, the firm manufactured cabins and trucks for Ford, Hudson, REO Motor Car and General Motors.

Adamsson spotted that the mark was available and took full charge of the Checker name. Those most likely to recall the Checker marque will have been living in major metropolises such as New York and Chicago, where the striking box trucks were most commonly used, said Leslie Kendall, an automobile history scholar and head trustee at the Petersen Automobile Museum in Los Angeles.

Checkers is planning to mount the cars in Haverhill. Checker, along with at least 30 kits auto firms such as a new DeLorean, is awaiting new federal policies to begin assembly of its cars. The recent changes in the rules for small-series automobile manufacturing have opened the way for Checker to re-launch manufacturing.

Under the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act, or for short, Fixing AST, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is guided to handicraft rules that would allow businesses to construct up to 325 kits or replicas per year. At the suggestion of the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association, the law has also instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to allow manufacturers to use motors from cars that have also received emission compliance certification.

Checkers is waiting for the pre-release requirements to be met before the start of scheduled productions, said Contranio. He said the new ordinance was intended for a small enterprise manufacturing a small number of replicas - a totally different type of deal from the big automakers. However, once the legislation is complete, businesses like Checker will be quick to step in, he said.

"It' s not realistic to make enterprises that make reproductions of classical cars meet the same demands as enterprises that make mass-produced cars for everyday use," he said. It is Contranio hope that the new checkers will be on the streets in 2018.

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