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Telephone charter service

Telephone Service Price Guide Bresnan Broadband provides the following information on the Bresnan Broadband Company's (the "Company") provision of speech language products and tariffs to consumers in the following countries. Voicemail service may not be available in all areas of the country. At you will find the available service in your area at

This guide contains additional provisions to those contained in the Charter Phone Terms and conditions at Following is a list of private, non-commercial uses. Company retains the right to stop using the Service for client misuse (i.e. beyond regular use) or to use these bundles for commercial use.

The service offer is exclusively for charter webclients. Contains unrestricted long haul and long haul call times (within and between states), unrestricted 411 directory enquiry and call services as set out below for main telephone line services. Unrestricted long haul services include phone conversations in the fifty (50) United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

$19.95 per month Charter Phone of $19.95 per months, assuming the standard rate of $34.95 per months, less the $15 per months rebate for subscription to TV, web and telephone service at the level needed. The client must keep all three types of service at the level necessary to qualify for the rebate.

In the event of termination of any of these activities during or after the one-year advertising campaign, any residual activity will be charged at its normal price. arter Phone® is a residential gateway service available only to Charter internet® clients who make unrestricted calls to the United States, Canada, the Virgin Islands of the United States and Puerto Rico and who require full Charter web connection for full online activations.

Charter Phone®-enabled gateway is provided for the duration of your service. In the event of termination of the Charter Internet and Charter Phone service, the client must either give back the modems or pay a redemption commission. Retaining your phone number may result in a private account surcharge.

The Charter Phone does not provide phone numbers, payment service or third-party invoice functionality. Voice mail and overseas phone conversations demand that consumers be activated via the Charter Phone Homepage web-platform. Foreign telephone conversations are charged by means of either your bank account balance or your direct debit account, and a minimal fee is charged by the institution. The Flatrate for making and receiving overseas phone call is also available.

Long distance calling from coin-operated telephones is charged $0.35 per call, in excess of the per-minute rate. The Charter Phone uses domestic electricity for operation and does not work in the case of a blackout (a backup batteries can be bought separate from the Charter). The 911 will not work if you loose your electricity supply or if your speech service or your wideband line is cut or interrupted.

The 911 service will require the client to send a notice to Charter if the gateway is relocated to a different location. The Charter does not endorse the use of a Charter Phone service as a link for (i) urgent health care services, (ii) any high safety surveillance system (UL 681 or similar), or (iii) fire detection equipment (UL 864 or similar).

An alternative telephone line must be maintained for these calls. The parcel service is described in the same way as the company's main line offer above for up to three extra telephone numbers. The Charter Phone World Call is available for Charter Voice clients. The Charter Voice World Call is available for Charter Phone Voice clients.

Theremonthly fee is 250 mins per hour of overseas call charges, including up to 30 mins of call to Cuba per hour of charge. Clients who exceed 250 full hours internationally or 30 mins to Cuba in a specific account charge per calendar months period will earn an extra $19.95 for an extra 250 mins bloc that will include up to 30 mins to Cuba for the use of that account charge per calendar months period.

Clients who use all their 30 mins to Cuba from their extra miniblock will be excluded from making calls to Cuba until the beginning of their next accounting cycles. Consumers who need more than 500 hours in a given call accounting lifecycle will be banned from making calls abroad and will have to delay the beginning of their next call accounting lifecycle to allow the resumption of calls internationally.

Only available by dialing directly from the customer's Charter Voice phone. Cannot make phone call to sat phone and audio text lines/destinations.

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