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Hubschrauber Charter App

Booking at your seat, choosing a flight or chartering your own. Compute the distance and flight time by helicopter for each itinerary. From York to Miami, with charter flights operated by Corporate Flight Management, Inc. Would you like an easy and friendly way to book private helicopter charter or joint charter on your mobile phone?

Hubschrauber Charter App

You can do that with the helicopter charter app: What's the delay before you get there? Verify the helicopter range and flying times for each target. With this app you will be able to find the helicopter charter solutions that are best suited to your needs. The app will give you an estimation while you wait for an accurate quote.

Where' s the next helicopter pad? I want you to run a background search on the newest airfields. Global helicopter runway data base is refreshed every day.

Heli Charter App Launches received

Once a brokers generates a query with information on origins, destinations and helicopter sizes, the operator can reply. The Get Heli, which can be viewed either on-line or with an app, provides a link to the Helipaddy, designed under the auspices of the same investors as Get Heli, via an interface to search for pick-up and drop points.

At first Get Heli will only be covering the UK, but Vallet said the firm hoped to expand this to the remainder of Europe and the US "as quickly as possible". During ACE 2018, the firm was looking for business associates to help in the development of the services. Helitech is the next stop for the Get Heli crew, which will take place next months in Amsterdam.

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