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In Colombo Cinnamon Air's fleet of Cessna Air is very different from your average airliner. The Cinnamon Air Colombo Branch in Sri Lanka DBA Cinnamon Air is a Sri Lankan national carrier flying from a special purpose air base at Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo, to Sri Lanka destination. Sri Lanka address: Safran Aviation (Pvt) Ltd,,,, No. 11, View Cinnamon Air Hand | Hand Luggage, Hold Luggage, Overcharge, Overweight Luggage Fees, Oversize Luggage Fees in above links.

Pregnant women mother can go to Cinnamon Air. Requests processed by Cinnamon AirCustomer Care: Do you have a problematic /complaint when contacting Cinnamon Air in Colombo, Sri Lanka address or number?

flying adventure

We' ve been compared to this and a couple of flight tests by Cinnamon. The Cinnamon Air has been in operation for some now. Looking out over the breathtaking scenery, the services are superb and the best part is that you are saving a great deal of travel across the state. While Cinnamon Air is still a luxurious place to be, if you're not one to take your flight on the street, it's still rewarding to fly.

Sigiriya takes only 30 min (as compared to at least 3-4 hrs on the road) and provides great scenic vistas at a cruise elevation of almost 5000 ft (more on this later). Given the low altitudes and brevity of the flights, most of the flying is done looking out the windows, as compared to a regular passenger plane, where you sit back (or at least try to) and engage in some kind of conversation.

Neither do they offer meals on the boat, but there are beverages at their inland terminals in Katunayake (next to BIA). Take-off and landings are so fast that you really don't have enough spare tire to take them in. Because Cinnamon Air has the same take-off and landing strip as BIA, you'll really look small as you roll past the big business planes at Central Station.

In Sigiriya, on the other side, the airway is empty and terribly calm. The Cinnamon Air Cessna Squadron is very different from your normal passenger aircraft. The Sigiriya section uses a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan for the air travel fans out there. In fact, you might find some boyfriends if you consider that only a few of you fly at the same outing.

Your trip will be convenient until you leave in poor conditions. However, probably the best thing about the plane is that every seating position has a nice outlook. There are two separate window ed seats behind the pilot on both sides, which protrude beyond the wing. So, they have places in the first line to observe the pilot in their elements.

It'?s like watchin? someone playing the flight simulator, but in reality. It also has four central sits ( two on either side turned towards each other), each with its own separate wing opening onto the other. However, the best views are from the rear seat, where the mullioned glass offers an uninterrupted panoramic perspective of the landscape below.

Don't even think about getting on a Cinnamon Air ride without a good cameraman. If you fly at low altitude, the look over the isle is great. Then, one notices how small it is to fly over cities and sights in a few moments. Sigiriya flights depart from Cinnamon Air's Katunayake base and circle around the Katunayake International Airports, giving you a good panoramic look at the Negombo Lagoon and River A03.

Take the first look at Sigiriya when the downhill climb begins over the nearby forrest. From this height you have a fantastic panoramic sight of Sigiriya and its neighbour Pidurangala. Do you know the Sigiriya air photo that you always see on the advertising film? You can see it in the real world this year.

Drivers make sure that they make an orbit of the cliff, once from the right and then from the right, so that on both sides the passenger receives many photographs. Fly one hours before sundown around Sigiriya and had to fight with strong light. However, when you fly above the skies on your way back to Katunayake, the weather is perfectly positioned for some nice afternoon sunsets in the skies.

Everybody is welcome from the booking to the groundhandling to the pilot and is glad to help you. Booking is the same as with any other carrier - the best way is to make your booking on-line and get an eTicket to show at check-in. In fact, my plane was late, but I got both an e-mail and a call the evening before to make sure I was noticed.

Floor clearance is fast and efficiently. Cinnamon Air Van will pick you up from BIA or Naikanda (the gateway to the SriLankan Airlines and Civil Aviation Authority offices) directly in front of the SriLankan Airlines base and take you to their humble inland base right next to the SriLankan Airlines Shanghaiangar. Ideal for those who have just arrived at the IFA and wish to make a connection to one of Cinnamon Air's destination airports.

In the inland terminals a fast safety inspection takes place before the check-in. A few moments later your pilot will welcome you and you will be accompanied to the airplane. Your airplane will land, you disembark, you and your luggage will be placed in a Cinnamon Air Van and then you will be taken either to a car from your accommodation or to BIA to get your connection flights.

However, a pilot may be the most cool of them all. With their crunchy fluffy blank tops and shoulder straps, hot dog suit suits, skin loafers and some pilot, these boys are kind and always ready for a little talk when they're not working from the country's best offices. Shortly before the start one of the drivers looks back and gives you a positive thumbs up.

Once the plane has left the parking lot on the ramp, the pilot opens his door, unfolds the stairs and gets out to help assist those carrying their luggage. In fact, I heard them tell the remainder of the passenger the history behind Sigiriya, which was brilliantly. It is not possible to speak to the pilot during the flights because the motor is too loud to listen to anything.

While Cinnamon Air flies from Colombo to Sigiriya every morning, its flight schedule varies from time to time. Cinnamon Air is your best choice if you are looking for a fast way to explore the land in luxurious surroundings with views you can't find anywhere else. Traveling through Sri Lanka is always an adventurous experience, but to fly is something completely different.

When you are ready to withdraw the money, the flight from Cinnamon Air is very recommendable. Look out for promotional offers on the Cinnamon Air website.

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