Round the World Airfares from Melbourne

Circumnavigation from Melbourne

A few exemplary itineraries for this circumnavigation of the world are as follows: The Airfare Geeks is specialized in airfare around the world and hassle free travel! Allow us to find you a great offer for your dream trip around the world. Qantas Points: How to travel around the world in Qantas Businessclass?

A lot of dreamers want to travel around the world in our Businessclass. It' one of those things, and if you're one of the 11 million Australians who earn Qantas points, it's probably more achievable than you think. Qantas Points' best application is to book the "oneworld award", which allows you to travel up to 35,000 mile with five stops in between, even around the world if you wish.

You need 140,000 points in Economics, 280,000 points in Business-class and 420,000 points in First-class for the on-eworld Awards. This is because first-rate routes are very difficult to reserve (due to a shortage of flights), while the economies do not place a high value on the use of points.

They may think that 280,000 Qantas points is a tremendous amount to make, but given the giant credits cards sign-up bonus we've seen lately and the many daily ways to collect points, it's a real medium-term objective. Because you could potentially spent 280,000 points on a round trip flight in Blue Mode to Europe or the USA, a 5-stop trip around the world at a similar cost is very valuable.

Here you can find out what you need to know about reserving the on-eworld awards. This is the rule to follow: you must complete all your travel route before the first one. You are not restricted in how many continences you can travel to or whether you can track (which are limits on most round-the-world tariffs you pay for).

Here is an example of a one-way journey around the world that is a journey that some of my relatives have recently been enjoying. Because if you arrive in one town and take off on your next journey from another, it doesn't matter as two stops - just one (although you must consider the landsegment as one of your 16 allowed segments).

It should be noted that there is no need to travel around the world, although most humans use this distinction so. And I think 280,000 Qantas Points (plus charges and taxes) are a great value for travel like this. Well, here's the catch: It's usually very timeconsuming to make a reservation for this distinction because searching for seat in IB can be difficult and the reservation procedure usually involves several telephone conversations with Qantas.

In order to make the work as easy as possible, you should begin to plan for 12 month and expand your travel route to include places as soon as they are available. Below are some more hints for booking: To get the calculation of your flight mileage, use the Great Circle Mapper utility. On the website you can look for the code. carriers free places for awards at different time.

The Qantas website does not show all available places for awards seating - e.g. Japan Airline places are not shown at all (apparently this will be corrected soon). It' free and join immediately, but you have to give them an international destination because Australians are not entitled to join (you can only think of one). Since flying to and from Australia is the most difficult to find (due to demand), make sure you verify that all capitals are available and if necessary include a local Qantas section to/from your home city.

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