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Low-cost travel isn't inexpensive if you sum up the charges: Wizzair, RyanAir Recently I bought a low cost flight from Sofia, Bulgaria to Lisbon, Portugal, for $89 with WizzAir, the low cost flight company in Hungary. But after the reservation I noticed that a charge after charge was levied, which in the end cost more than my whole airfare, plus charges for luggage, management, airports check-in and an on-board menu.

At the end of the day, I spent $126. 50 on charges for an $89 flight. This is an important warnings to those who make low cost reservations with low cost carriers. When I was travelling with a tight schedule, I resolved to take a low cost flight with one of the most beloved low cost carriers that has emerged in recent years, WizzAir.

Undoubtedly it had by far the lowest fare for the period in which I wanted to fly, because many of the 139 towns in which the local airlines operate are smaller, less well-known places like Sofia. Flight costs totaled $89 - a theft, in my view. That was before the charges began to roll.

Well, I'm used to having airline companies pay you for everything under the stars. As with Neo in the Matrix, I avoided WizzAir's seating fees (up to $56, based on seating), its call centre charge ($68), its priorit isation charge ($5 $28 to get on the plane first and ensure your hand baggage in one seat) and its far-release charge ($3 $40 to "include" the fares you see online).

What I had to give up was a pocket, which is a normal charge for most airline companies these days. What I had to give away was a pocket. As I arrived at the airfield, I was struck by a genuine money cow fee: the airfield check-in. After forgetting the gold rules of low cost carriers (A.C.B., or Always Check-in in advance), WizzAir beat me with a $34 charge for printing my flight card.

I think this was the most outrageous of all charges. It is understandable that many low cost carriers do this in order to reduce the number of staff they have to employ at the airports to carry people. There is no point in levying a charge on a traveller who has already payed for hold baggage and still has to go to the check-in desk.

However, I suppose that the check-in charge is not about effectiveness, but about making a living. He was surprised that, according to his census, at least 17 of the 60 flight members had to foot the bill. Meanwhile, a luxurious Jet-Settera passenger logger said she, along with six other travelers, was compelled to foot the bill after the WizzAir application failed to work even though it checked in on-line.

Definitive charges came when I got on the airplane. As the payment of the check-in charge had taken so long, I hadn't had enough spare before my four-hour flight to get a quick bite to eat or a quick bite to eat. What is the law that airline companies do not supply potable beverages during the flight? At the end I spent $126.50 in charges and additional service on my $89 flight.

Ain' you ain't got no cheaper flights, have you? WizzAir's, RyanAir's, Spirit Airlines' and other low-cost airlines' overall operating models are entirely built on these passenger fares. "Additional revenues", as low-cost carriers relate to all fares levied on the basic airfares, accounted for 39% of WizzAir's revenues in 2016.

When you book in the USA, it is a little simpler to evade the charges of the low cost carriers. From 2011, US carriers will be obliged to promote their "full fare" for tickets that include all applicable tax and charges. Legislation laid down by the Ministry of Transport has been adopted to increase price transparency for air travel.

The WizzAir flight was in Europe, so it was not the object of "full price advertising". "But since all possible charges are on WizzAir's website, I don't know if it would have been a breach, even if it were in the US. However, what I do know is that WizzAir does not charge these charges when you book your flight, especially the airline check-in-charge.

It is likely that other low-cost carriers do not either.

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