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Direct charter flights

As a rule, charter flights are direct. Which is why you should take the next direct charter to China from Pittsburgh. They would have liked to have taken the first direct charter from Pittsburgh to China on 3 August, but the chances were poor. I had China at the top of my agenda and the direct Pittsburgh to Shanghai was a great occasion - not only inexpensive but also very comfortable - so I left.

It didn't feel very welcome in China and I thought that other nations would like to have me. Altogether it was strained and I got my visum (only 30 day instead of 10 years like most) only eight day before my plane out. The comfort of the direct charter flights made the journey even better.

They will have more opportunities in the next few years to take the direct charter to China, and it should be much simpler than it was for me. Christina Cassotis of the Allegheny County Airport Authority informed me that she is already preparing the next flights scheduled for 2019.

Destination are charter flights from Pittsburgh to China. It is a one-of-a-kind way to get a direct connection to China - a big thing for a big Pittsburgh town - and for Cassotis it was a work of charity. So, while the first charter started with one or two problems, it's a beginning, and there's a three-year agreement for more flights.

"Cassotis said of the first August flights: "There was a very brief sales screen and a very uncommon opportunity to sell charter type ticket. The latter is customary in China and provides quick and comfortable teas and pasta. Will you do all this in New York? Cassotis asked.

China Eastern's crews were thrilled. What about the plane? At first I book a bus ($1.098, a great installment as the ticket was subsidized), but was pushed into a very low price bussiness car because so few Pittsburgh departure people. Not only was the 13-hour ride good, it was really good.

Perhaps because there weren't many on board, the services were extraordinary and the plane went well. In Pittsburgh, a ceremonial reception, busses and a policeman's escort, which drove them into the city on the congested Parkway, expected for the first 300 passenger from China. Cassotis said there were four groups of Shanghai residents, most of whom spent an average 2 night in Pittsburgh before departing for Niagara Falls or D.C. or other locations.

Whilst no such reception waited for the arrival of the people of Pittsburgh in Shanghai, there was a big change in our travels: from Shanghai to other towns. Surprisingly, I didn't see one or two high-speed lines on the many inside track in three different Chinese railway yards, but rather tens.

For example, I took a 124-mile Shanghai 22 million passenger railroad to Hangzhou, a six million passenger town, in 45 min. It'?s like taking the Pittsburgh to Erie platoon in that period. Naturally there is no Pittsburgh to Erie railroad and only a very fast one from here to Harrisburg and then to D.C. An interesting form resulting from the flight spots on rooftops in the old town of Shanghai.

If Shanghai residents had taken a Pittsburgh to D.C. rail service, it would have taken most of the time. It is one of many things why I strongly suggest a trip to China. See for yourself the billion dollar investments everywhere: in transport and in a completely new culture quarter that is being built in Shanghai along the Huangpu River.

Not to mention the massively new raised sidewalks in Shanghai that are adding another stratum of urbane housing conveniently from the clogged roads below.

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