Round the World Fares from Australia

Around-the-world fares from Australia

From Australia to USA flights are included in Qantas to LA, San Francisco and Dallas. and Australia/New Zealand with oneworld Circle Pacific. Asia, North America, South America and Australia/New Zealand with oneworld Circle Pacific. The Pacific region (including Australia, New Zealand, Northern Marianas Islands).


on-eworld is the world's premier airlines association, uniting 15 of the world's largest and best aviation companies, all dedicated to delivering world-class value and services.... Accessible to nearly 1,000 locations in more than 150 nations through the on-eworld global reach ecosystem, our rates around the world allow you to easily reach the world.

Just select between a simple continental tariff (oneworld Explorer) or a more diverse distance-based tariff (Global Explorer) to experience the world' s best itinerary. Your one world explorer rate is calculated on the number of ones you want to explore or cross. Find out more about the world tour program using Explorer or schedule and make your booking for your world tour now.

Your Gold Explorer rate offers even more choice and choice, depending on the overall travel time. Find out more about World Explorer. ineworld Circle fares are perfect for travelers who want to travel across different Continents without actually traveling around the world.

No matter whether you travel the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian Ocean frontiers, on-eworld Circle fares provide excellent versatility, comfort and value for you. Onworld Visits Pass gives you the liberty to travel to multiple locations on a unique continental scale and is developed with selection, value and versatility in mind. Onworld Visits Pass is the ultimate in travel experience.

Select from the following one-world Single-Continent Business Passes:

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Clients who have made a reservation with a tour operator should consult the tour operator for help. If you have directly reserved, you will be contacted by THAI to have your itineraries updated. Occasionally, some agencies may charge a fee for these enquiries, and we advise clients to consult the reservation/ticket agency for full information on the charges and for further information.

There may be charges for changes or revisions to ticket reservations or for some special service.

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