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Transitions to the on-demand charter carrier Directional Aviation, located in Cleveland, recently announces internal reorganization within the organization, transforming its Flight Options franchise from a fractionated vendor to an on-demand one. As a result, practically two fragmented suppliers remain: Flexjet, which also belongs to the Directional Aviation product line, and the Columbus-based NetJets. Flight Options was founded in 1998 and was the first privately held airline offering used broken jets.

She has received several aviation security accolades over the years and was the first FAA-approved FAA fractions carrier to participate in the Aviation Security Action Program in 2006. Directoral Aviation took a stake in the airline in 2009. Directional also purchased Flexjet in 2013. While there are several other operators offering fractions of stakes in different types of aircrafts, they are regional in scope and typically have fleet of turboprops, lightweight and medium sized jetliners.

The Flight Options, Flexjet and NetJets products were distinguished in the industry by their nationwide reach and offering medium and large SuperJets. Flight Options' portfolio comprised used and reconditioned aeroplanes, so it was generally a cheaper option to the other two nationalities. Flexjet spokesman says the reorganisation is a reaction to changes in the personal aviation sector, which is showing signs of increased demands for fractionated wide-body and long-haul air transport, as well as on-demand transport with smaller ships.

It has stressed that it does not end the statement of the Flight Options brand: Although both Flight Options and Flexjet remain trustworthy and powerful, we have decided to make Flexjet the dominating franchise and to reduce the Flight Options franchise. It was our premonition to bring together the best ingredients from each business to build a unique franchise to become the premier factioned supplier in the state.

The flight options will remain available to the current shareholders for the time being. Flight Options DNS - our dedication to serving and our dedication to aerospace - is an integral part of the new Flexjet. Flight Options' current flight options portfolio will remain the Nextant 400XT, Citation-X, and Legacy 600, and there are no planned additions.

Several of the planes that belonged to the Flight Options family, such as the Phenom 300, have already been converted to Flexjet. Skyjet, Directional's subsidiary, will also be able to operate the remainder of its Flight Options portfolio on an on-demand basis. Flexjet will meanwhile be the only fractionated supplier of Directional, while maintaining itself as a supplier of debit cards and lease solutions.

The Flexjet was founded in 1995, but was purchased by Directoral Aviation in 2013. Directoral immediately announced its intent to position Flexjet as a luxurious franchise and to align its aircraft with this objective. Gulfstream added to its portfolio in 2014 with the acquisition of $1 billion worth of long-haul aircraft from Gulfstream.

As a result of the transaction, Flexjet became the sole Fractional Providers for Gulfstream. At the end of 2015 another big naval campaign was announced: this year, the airline was the first privately owned carrier to purchase 20 Aerion AS2s. Turning away from flight options from the fractionated markets means that anyone looking for a stake in a super-medium or large sized serious plane now has two options:

or NetJets.

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