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Co-founder of the private jet charter company AeroIQ. Cheap booking fees for all online bookings of charter enquiries. The EJM offers a range of private jet charter programs, including on-demand and flat rate charter as well as special programs. One-way, round-trip, last-minute and empty-haul charter private jet fare guides. Obtain a quote for a free jet charter.

Privately owned jet charter programs developed for you.

Whether you travel frequently or rarely, our dedication to providing world-class, personal client support will ensure that your charter adventure, from first call to last land, is smooth, reliable and will surpass your expectation. Create each individual tour according to your needs for that particular tour with On-Demand Charter.

They are not bound by any long-term obligation and may opt for an aeroplane of any arbitrary make or any arbitrary dimension. The price scheme is a pay-as-you-go on the basis of actual charter rates of the retailer. Please click here to get our on-demand charter overview. When you charter several days a year and want to know exactly what you are paying for a journey calculated on flat, reduced rates per hour for any plane volume, Flat-Rate Charter is the perfect programme for you.

Allows you to simply administer your yearly charter expenses with a basic prepaid price plan that includes a one-time prepayment that is fully reimbursable and never lapses. Even better, an appropriate size plane is always there for you and one call is enough to make a reservation for any of your outings.

Please feel free to browse and print our Flatrate Charter program. EJMâs Cabin-Class Charter offers a quick and simple way to make your charter reservation. Just indicate your route and the desired cabine category (aircraft size) and we will take care of the remaining detail of your reservation. Each of our cabins can be selected at a fixed per hour price.

The Jet Charter programme will benefit customers who need a simpler reservation procedure and a uniform price scheme without being tied to the aircraft available. Please feel free to browse and browse the Cabin-Class charter programme. EJMâs City-Pair Charter is a one-way tour programme that allows you to journey between identifiable US couples at a set price.

You' re sure to be flying in a mid-size or super-medium sized jet and always know what your journey will entail if your itineraries take you back and forth between these busy cites. EJM flights of more than 50 hrs per year will be rewarded with a specially discounted charter price on each of your flights.

Just like the on-demand charter, the price scheme is pay-as-you-go, but at a lower price than in retailing. Please feel free to browse and browse our block charter overview. The EJM trusts Avinode to deliver our real-time one-way and idle information. Check out EJM's latest one-way and empty-haul options.

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