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tate de or?, î?i spun c? nu au niciun taxi disponibil. Taxis Exist? or mul?ime de companii de de taxi în Bucure?ti ?i ve?i u?urin?? u?urin?? g?si cu u?urin?? un taxi.

Ghid touristic Bucure?ti (Bucharest tourist guide): The Pocket Edition (Edi?ia en ..... - Micola Sfetcu

There are some great sights in Bucharest and in recent years Bucharest has developed a demanding, fashionable and contemporary sensitivity that many have come to look for in a major city. Probably the most famous symbol is the Palace of Parliament, erected in the 1980s during the rule of the dictatorship Nicolae Ceau?escu

It is the biggest parliament house in the country, the Palace, which is home to the Rumanian Parliament (the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate) and the National Museum of Contemporary Art. One of the biggest congress centers in the whole word. Bucharest's cultural heritage, which is part of the whole of Romania's cultural heritage, is a singular one, the result of its geographical and historic development.

In Bucharest there is a burgeoning art world, which includes fine art, dramatic art and night life. In contrast to other parts of Romania, such as the Black Sea or Transylvania, Bucharest's art landscape has no definite stylistic definition, but integrates aspects of Romania's and Transylvania's cultures. Camera ?i Senatul), precum ?i Muzeul Na?ional de Art? Contemporan? ?i A double ca Art? Senatul, Palace Na?ional Parliamentul României (Camera ?i Senatul), precum ?i Muzeul Na?ional de Art? Contemporan?.

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Renowned taxi business - Iasi Forum

When we arrive in Iasi by rail we were told that the taxi at the railway stations are not serious. So how do you suggest we get to our motel from the railway depot? Here is a listing of taxi services: Prior to taking a taxi, make sure you inspect it to see if it actually is one of these firms - a legal taxi must have corporate logo, price (per kilometre, per hour, etc.) is clearly indicated somewhere on the vehicle (usually on the doors), a taxi meter, a walkie-talkie.

Iasi has a relatively large transportation system and it is quite inexpensive (one pass is about 1.5 Lei/$0.5). You must know that there are several hotels in the centre of Iasi in the PIATA UNIRII area and this place is not far from the Iasi railway terminal, last 10 minutes walk ! if your accommodation is in the middle, I can tell you how to connect me to the name of the accommodation.

Thank you, but I don't think our motel is in the centre of the city. On our arrival date we have a few places we want to see and hoped the taxi could drive us around before we go to the motel. Hi, Here is a taxi company listing is Iasi:

Personal I suggest Parma, Taxi4You, Lux and Euro Taxi as very serious. But if you want a pre-departure guide to the guesthouse, you can go to a nearby tourist office here in Iasi. They' ll come get you and show you the places before they take you to the hospital.

It is a brief listing of good quality travels agents. Have fun during your visit to Iasi! The Concordia is a little far from the railway centre, so it is better to have transport to this point.

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