Taxi Cabs in Anchorage

Taxis in Anchorage

Control of anchor taxis, limousines and rental vehicles. Anchorage taxi driver to go on strikes While the taxi and taxi industry around the globe is changing and battling to maintain and keep pace with markets such as Uber and Lyft, a group in Anchorage has its own reaction planned: It'?s a mini-strike of the kind we? re planning for the end of this weeks. "It'?

s a roller coaster ride where we will be moving," said Timothy Huit, a locally based taxi operator who heads the Anchorage Taxi Workers Alliance.

"It'?s a matter of unit. Huit, who is also for burgomaster again, said many driver have seen their revenues drop around 30 per cent in recent months, should some folks now cash in far below the MIP. Regarding the strikes themselves - which Huit called a smaller one to show the possible effects of a bigger one - participants are making some claims, among them the regulation of Uber and Lyft, the replacement of the present community of the Anchorage Transport Inspector and the termination of the allocation of new taxi fees, at least until 2022.

For example, a suggestion was under consideration that would allow taxi firms to operate during peak demand periods "surge pricing" but rejected - Channel 2 contacted various members of the Anchorage Assembly but heard nothing until Tuesday night.

Nor did Lyft react to an invitation to submit comments, but Uber spokesman Nathan Hambley sent the following statement: "We' ve got an excited welcome from our racers and our racers. Uber offers the driver a versatile revenue stream.... This means for the driver easy accessibility to secure, dependable and accessible transport at the push of a single key.

We are also looking forward to working with anchorage organisations to bring more drivers safe from door to door".

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