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driver's cab

driver's cab Taxi rank (in British English) or taxi rank (in American English) is an area where taxis line up to expect you. The cab may also relate to the following: On this page for uniqueness are listed items associated with the Cab rank heading. Once an intern hyperlink has brought you here, you can modify the hyperlink to point directly to the desired item.

driver's cab

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cabin rank rules

36 ) The fact that Australia's attorneys take on such cases on a routine basis may mirror the supremacy of the taxi rules in Australia's legal ethic, but it may also mirror something deeper: an ethical institution rather than a requirements. Some of the inspiration for this was my own inquisitiveness about the effects of the Cab Rank Rules on Australia's attorneys, and how such a rules could work in the US.

A lawyer who works as a court-appointed defense attorney gave her a hint about the cabin rank rules, but said that her dedication to represent the apathetic went beyond such a rule: My taxi rules are consistent with my own perspective of the job and I have never tried to avoid them.

But even among the attorneys who were not tied to the taxi rules, it was uncommon for anyone to say that they would reject a case of aversion, unease, or idiocy. Another said that if you believe that everyone has the right to a just hearing, you should not reject cases, regardless of whether the cab rules apply or not:

While most of the attorneys surveyed believe in the taxi rules and believe that they have had a beneficial effect on Australia's law ethic and its own taste for professionality, (110) did not all agree. A problem is that the cabin rank rules are too often seen as "theory" or "principle" and are fairly workable.

Do you have a taxi policy that is enforceable against US attorneys? The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination recently ruled in a ruling that is likely to be discussed long into the term that a taxi-rule of a special kind prohibits a attorney from selecting a client by sex.

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