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How can a corporate jet company stand out from the crowd? Business Airlines - Private Jet Services Fast research on the web will show that there is no lack of corporate jet businesses today. How can a corporate jet business stand out from the masses? More than a century of expertise has enabled us to maintain a repetition rates of over 90%. How does Corporate Jet differ from other Jet Aviation firms?

Privately owned Jet Services is a vet of the corporate jet market. Providing services to companies and organisations in many sectors, such as power, meeting, incentives, pro and university sport, we will work hard to fulfill your corporate requirements. Understanding that your company is one of a kind, we have the capabilities and expertise to deliver outstanding services and establish a long-term partnership.

With our industry-exclusive Concierge Service you will never be confronted with an unforeseen problem alone. Our concierge will take care of all your travel needs and make sure that everything you need is available for you. If you wish, we can organise tailor-made food for you and offer complete meal arrangements.

PJS's exceptional on-board meals allow you to order any desired snack. As we can purchase the meals in nearby restaurant near the airports and avoiding using conventional groceries, the kitchen will be of much higher value and will convince a prospective customer.

In order to protect our customers, we conduct our own backgrounds check of both the pilots and the co-pilots on every aircraft we charters. We take wide-ranging steps to make sure that pilots and copilots have the necessary expertise and competence to make your flights as smoothly as possible, incorporating our vast flying expertise and impeccable security record keeping.

Enterprise Charter Jet - Enterprise Charter Jet Services

We are a corporate jet charter operator and a leading provider of aerospace services providing commercial and freight transport, corporate aerospace and corporate jet services with dedicated planes and personal jet charters. Our corporate airline corporate jet services firm has a truly international ecosystem of highly skilled and thoroughly audited corporate jet service providers, providing a full range of on-demand corporate jet services throughout the globe.

Companies and governments often need a particular model of jetliner for a particular job or assignment. The CSI will supply jet charters that range from choppers, turbo-props, executive planes to stationary or personal business planes for retraining and monitoring use. Besides the provision of services for companies, enterprises, governments, college sport team, privately owned groups and individual persons, we also render services such as corporate jet services, air transport and corporate jet control.

CSI is not restricted to a single kind of corporate jet services as a corporate jet carrier and not just as an operating authority for a particular class of aeroplane. We are a provider of corporate jet services with exceptional versatility and no geographical limitations, neither in corporate jet services, nor in air logistics and corporate jet programmes.

CSI' s service in the armed forces since 1983 has provided airline companies with an expert representative before the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to meet U.S. Bridge Aviation Standards needs. These include dealing with Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) matters and co-ordinating national and multinational defence and jet charters needs. CSI has since 1990 entered into a number of government contracts for corporate jet charter services, which include corporate charters, airplane leasing, airplane purchasing and airplane assistance services which include servicing, replacement airplanes and airplane chartersanagement services.

We are a charters airline and have concluded various agreements with various agents. In 2004, CSI introduced a GSA timetable for corporate jet services and corporate jet lease. Our GSA Corporate Jet Charter Services Timetable provides the opportunity for the Federal Administration to use a comfortable contract management system for a wide variety of corporate jet charters using certificated airlines.

CSI has been providing corporate jet propellant and ground services since 2009, drawing on years of corporate jet support expertise, and is a global corporate jet propellant retailer.

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