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Branson LLC Chopper Charter, Branson, MO. Branson Chopper Charter Helicopter Tours: heli tours Our luxurious dining experience will take you on a wonderful ride to Johnny Morris' Top of the Rock, where you'll find yourself at one of the highest points in Taney County, Missouri! Select between a delicious lunch in the memorable Osage Restaurant or the cosy, evocative Buffalo Bar. Either restaurant is the ideal place to indulge in an open-air sundown menu or a drink after supper!

Following a picturesque Branson trip, we landing our chopper as near the sea as you can be in Branson! Chateau Grill offers you not only a culinary delights, but also an unbelievable panoramic views of Table Rock Lake and its accompanying setting sun! They also have the option of dining at Downstairs Deli, where they offer pick nick and lighter food.

Experience a beautiful trip that floats over the Ozark Mountains and lands right at the Outback Steak & Oyster Bar! Relax in this relaxed and luxurious dining experience and sample a unique Aussie kitchen with everything from thick meat to gatortail! Flying your own personal trip! Trips are from the Branson Strip.

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None of us had ever been in a chopper before. You' ve got the chance to film the whole thing. Inside the chopper there are 2 videocameras and one on the outside that will record everything you see and more and the two on the inside will record your videotape and music.

So, when you look at the movie, you see all 3 recordings at once. Indoor camcorders are located in the right and right corner of the monitor and outdoor camcorders are located in the middle of the monitor. It can be transferred to your I telephone, a copy on a disc or a flash disk, or a copy on a computer hard disk.

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