How to get Uber Receipt

This is how you receive your receipt

To log in, use the email address or phone number and password associated with your Uber account. It is the first option in the menu on the left. Touch or click the trip for which you want a receipt. If you receive receipts by email or within the app, there are still a few manual clicks to manage all your receipts when you use the service for your business. Let's take a look at what you need to do to achieve this.

I don't receive receipt or e-mail.

Unless you receive a receipt or e-mail from Uber, please review the spamming or junkfolder in your e-mail area. When you find about e-mails there, flag them as "not unusable" to make sure that they reach your mailbox in the near future.

Touch your e-mail next to your picture. You have the possibility to change your name, telephone number and e-mail adress. To check the travel documents, choose "Your trips" from the Apple application drop-down list. To re-send a receipt e-mail for journeys in a low-cost car, log in to and choose "My journeys" from the application drop-down list.

Choose the tour and click the Resend icon. If you are travelling with a Premier car optional, you can ask for a receipt in the Help section. Choose Travel Problems and Refunds > I have another problem > I need an account for my travel insurance. It can only be accessed for journeys with optional premiums.

After you have completed these simple procedures, if you still do not receive any receipt from us, please enter your e-mail here.

Printing over receipts: Step 9

Any Uber receipt will be sent to the e-mail that is associated with your Uber balance. Once you have removed the e-mails, you can obtain the receipt for any journey you send back to your e-mail via Uber's website. Click on Receive E-mail. Please click on the e-mail from Uber that corresponds to the journey for which you would like to send a receipt.

Failure to see the over document in your message will result in a scan of your spamming or spam folders. Attempt to search for "About" in your e-mail client to see all e-mails you have retrieved from Uber if you have problems finding the e-mail. Please printout the e-mail. Your e-mail printing options may vary according to your e-mail client and computer.

Opens a page previewer for the page you want to printing and opens the printing option for your printer: Gmail:, click on the symbol that looks like a printing device in the upper right hand part of the e-mail. Open the e-mail, right-click on the text and choose "Print". Click on "File" in the menubar and choose "Print".

Press Print. It is the large cyan key that is either found in the lower right hand side of the pop-up or in the lower right hand side of the screen. Open the Drivers website with your favorite web browsers. Sign in to Uber. To login, use the e-mail or telephone number and passphrase associated with your Uber.

Choose a journey. Touch or click the journey for which you want a receipt. Confirmation of the journey will be re-sent to your e-mail address. I' m not getting my e-mail receipt. Make sure you have the right e-mail in your Uberccount. Please call Uber Technical Support if yes.

Enter your e-mail to receive a response when this query is resolved.

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