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Registered luggage - Rates and terms

With FlyEasy you can get a better deal under certain conditions: Eligibility for one carry-on bag (max. 8 kg and 115 cm). Carriage of hold luggage is not covered by the fare. FylEasy tickets can be purchased if you have luggage that you want to inspect.

You can purchase this during the reservation procedure on our website, through our Contact Center and at any of our distribution centers. Added pocket is not available when you book on our portable website/application. You can do this later on on our website (Manage My Booking), in our Contact Center or in our ticket agencies if you did not buy a pocket during the reservation procedure.

It can be booked at any moment before your departure, except on our website, where you can make your reservation at least 2 hrs before departure. If there is a modification, the route will be used for the new one. Surplus luggage (additional luggage and non-standard luggage) will be calculated as before.

FLYeasy makes a strategical invest in the battered carrier Air Pegasus, which has not yet started.

Air Pegasus, a local carrier headquartered in Bengaluru, has obtained an unrevealed strategy capital expenditure from an as yet undiscovered start-up carrier, FLYeasy, also operating on the subway south. According to the company, this capital expenditure will enable Air Pegasus, which has been experiencing difficulties since July 2016 due to economic difficulties, to resume operation on 1 March 2017.

It will also bring with it a new company organisation to monitor the operation of both carriers. "Shyson Thomas, Air Pegasus' CEO, said: "Air Pegasus will remain a local carrier in the Tier 2 and 3 capitals, while FLYeasy will remain a pan-Indian carrier with an entire Airbus aircraft and will have a full flight in May 2017.

Although the new company structures were not disclosed in detail, the declaration sheds new light on a new leadership model. Mr Thomas will serve on the Executive Committee of the Group companies of the two carriers as Vice Chairman, while Mr Rajesh Ebrahim, the current Managing Director of FLYeasy, will be the Group' sEO.

"Strategical alliances and code shares will be the futures of India's aerospace industry and I believe we have gone in the right direction," said Ebrahim. In April 2015, Air Pegasus started operating at Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru and flies to Hubli, Thiruvananthapuram, Madurai, Mangalore, Chennai, Kadapa and Madurai.

Initiated by Thomas' Decor Aviation, which provides groundhandling operations to overseas and India carriers at 11 major international destinations in India.

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