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FBO, air charter, flight school, aircraft management and maintenance. Dodge City, KS. Contact details of the aircraft operator and fleet for the KROTTEN aircraft service, INC.

We are in the possession and under the direction of our pilot and know what it needs to make your trip pleasant.

We are in the possession and under the direction of our pilot and know what it needs to make your trip pleasant. Call us to see the differences between Crotts and let us know where you need to go! More than 30 years of experience in the industry mean that we are sure that we can fulfil your every wish.

Dodge City Regional Airport Crotts Aircraft Service

Outstanding!! Crotts took charge of our plane during a trip during which heavy storms occurred almost every single evening. "Outstanding service! Straight back from 3 Beagle Hounds and 1 GSP from Conway, AR to Dodge City, KS. There was another man who piloted the hounds to Denver.

I' ve been piloting paws with puppies all over the USA for over 9 years and without a shadow of a doubt Cotts is the best FBO I have ever worked with. Dodge City, as we all know, is full of West German heritage. Dodge City, visit the museums and Front Streets.

Cause they' re truly AWARDED. Another pilots pawed dog rescue from Conway, AR to Dodge City last Tuesday. Then another pilots hit me and took the dog to the CO. Service was outstanding. Anne, Brenda and Amador, you and all of Crotts are the best. I' m always looking forward to going to Dodge City.

I am already looking forward to my next journey, when another pile of hounds needs a drive to the west. Toyota has an agreement with the Toyota car hire company. Many thanks to Crotts for the outstanding service. We' re hoping to get back to Dodge City. Last Wednesday I was flying another pilots pawed from Little Rock, Arkansas to Dodge City, KS to see a Denver pilots flying the saved hounds on to Erie, CO.

Crotts service is still outstanding, just like I have seen it before. That'?s good service. Rotts clerk Amador once again did a great work maintaining my baron after my pilot N paw flying of Arkansas full of hounds going on to Denver. In fact, he even assisted to accompany the hounds and bring them to the Denver pilot Bonanza!

On Saturday, April 8, I was flying another airplane full of rescue doggies from AR to Dodge City to see another pilots who was flying them to Denver where they were adopted. Everyone at Crotts was great. You' re the best, Crotts. I recently flown from Conway, AR on a rescue mission with the Pilots N Paws canine.

Then another driver came up to me in Dodge City and took the puppies to Denver. Crotts' personnel were GRO├čARTIG. Helping me get the hounds out of my airplane, they went and load onto the other pilot's airplane. I borrowed a limousine to drive into the city, have a snack and get out of Dodge before the storms arrived.

and I can't wait to get back.

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