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Some Santo Domingo taxis I saw and they were no better than the Uber cars. Mother Fracker drove with running meter over the Santo Domingo. When you take a taxi that stands in front of the hotel or in the colonial area, you know that you will pay almost twice as much. Refresh the prices to see real-time rates of transfers by taxi in Santo Domingo.

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Hello everyone, the best way to get to Las Terrenas. Once I get to the airfield I can go to my apartment and ask for one and someone will come and get me in a timely manner. Mir was said that a taxi there would be $200 (las terrenas) and $200 when we get back, and a rent a car is about the same cost - not sure what to do.....

Splanker any ideas, how much is a Uber from the Malecon airports to? Hello, but you would suggest using Uber. The apartment can organize a ride for 30US$ and I think about would be something around 5US$. So much less expensive! You can take a taxi from the airports to Caribe Tours at the top of the alley leading to Terrenas, where you can take a very good bus to Samana or Terrenas... it's funnier and safer.

Your personal chauffeur was over from the airfield to the kolonialzone? I' m also trying to find out how to get into the kolonial area in July of this year.

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The catch of Uber from SDQ was very easy. So I had T Mobile File Router and could open the applications when I came out of customs (ground floor). Via an app, I was then instructed to go to departure gate 1 or departure gate 2 on the next level (2nd level for Americans, first level for Australians).

So we ordered the van and picked gate 1. Auto got here in 10 minutes. Some Santo Domingo cabs I saw and they were no better than the Uber Autos. We' ve been using Uber in Santo Domingo all along. It felt much more secure to use Uber than to capture accidental cabs on the street, and the rates were always lower than what the taxi driver quoted us.

Even more important was that we could count on GPS and greeted Uber from everywhere instead of looking for cabs (this was convenient while we were in the cold since we didn't see many cabs in the areas we were traveling in). It was only one opportunity where a Uber vehicle with a different license number than the one we ordered came in.

So if you're using Uber, just make sure you've verified the license number that matches the order information.

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