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Flight Rewards - Loyalty Program Participate in Air Rewards, the most lavish airline fidelity programme in the area, and receive up to 10% Air Rewards points when you travel with us. Air Rewards provides you with the highest value for your points collected on the basis of a straightforward earnings and redemption schedule. Become a member now and explore new opportunities with Air Rewards.

Book your desired place! Choose your favourite seating before your flight and make sure it is reserved for you. Book your favourite Sky Café dinner in advance and have your meals taken on board first.

Checking fares

Specially for the web: You can also get our seasonal offers on sightseeing tours throughout the entire season, with fares as low as $229 per passenger! To start your booking, please go to the page with descriptions of the tours or our promotions. Currently we have a special for Misty Fjords, Metlakatla, Thorne Bay and Craig. Travelling rewards: Reward members who fly on a scheduled flight will receive a free ride after completing 10 one-way street sections.

Members of reward can also take advantage of prepaid rebates when 10 one-way passes are bought; not only does each pass get a 10% discount, but it also earns a free pass! Reward segment never expires and is portable from one member to another. Please see our reward page for more information.

Excursion local prices: Local people and their visitors can get 25% off a Misty Fjords flight. Visitors need a current Alaska driver's license to check, but can take advantage of the local guide rebate.

Flights in Belize - San Pedro, Ambergris City | Belize City | Placencia | Caye Caulker

Experience the breathtaking pristine nature of Belize's Great Blue Hole in a truly amazing trip from above. We offer regular services to goals such as everyday flights: Booking with Belize's most knowledgeable carrier to explore these world-famous places, includes the Caye Caulker and Caye Chapel Island and the coastal cities of Corozal and Punta Gorda.

Our friendly and friendly staff are your gate to the many privately owned island beaches, spas and continental attractions that are unmatched in Belize.

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