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Ecologic Taxi

Cab was very clean, quiet and the driver very friendly. Describe the App of the Taxi Ecològic. You will see the arrival of the taxi driver and make reservations in advance. Taxicab Ecològic strives to ensure sustainability and quality. As a company, we are committed to providing the best taxi service and sustainability in your city.

Positive experiences

I just called to book a transfer to the airport tomorrow morning and the answer is that they will start looking for the free taxi 12 minutes before the desired time. There is no guarantee that the taxi will arrive at the desired time, so there is a risk that the aircraft will be missed. Taxi drivers, on the other hand, are nice and usually offer good service and punctuality.

Taxi Ecologic Barcelona App in the App Store

Ecològic de forma sensílla y rapida with APP. Enjoy the ride with our hybrid vehicles, free WIFI connection, charger for your mobile phone and the possibility to pay with any credit card. All our cabs are hybrid vehicles that help us reduce the environmental impact and annoying noise in your city.

At the same time our selected taxi drivers offer you the best offer and a high quality service. Our 24-hour call centre will help you resolve questions and incidents. We have redesigned the application to make it easier and more powerful. Now you can pay from the application by registering a credit card, you will get better information about the status of a reservation and you can choose different vehicle types depending on the options in each city - we hope you like it!

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Ecològic Taxi in Barcelona | Novelties

A few nights ago we were on a low calorific trip with ECODES, a very interesting and fortunate date to learn about the first taxi Ecologic group in Spain, an exciting venture that we hope will soon be copied in other towns. Located in Barcelona, one of the most important European Mediterranean destinations, TAXIECOLÒGIC offers as a trade advantage a highly skilled taxi company with a genuine environmental dedication by cutting the CO2 emissions of its corporate customers.

The use of this type of transportation always on the road of a town like Barcelona makes it possible to reduce noises. You work with the Barcelona Sustainable Tourism urban label, which is one of its customers. The TaxiEcològic offers you an ecological charging system, ionised atmosphere and a convenient and approachable interior.

Barcelone Biznes uses the TaxiEcològic fleet's self-service accounting, self service and self booking centre. They do not need any funds to use the taxi and all their route staff give the customer a protocol with a full computerised route that allows them to have genuine CO2 emission reductions controlled by the most discerning customer as part of their environmental policy.

TaxiEcologíc is proud of their work and efforts and surely they will contribute to developing the same policy in other towns and villages. Lastly, a serious reflection on the importance of infrastructure and co-operation with the institution. Barcelone is not a random city.

It was possible thanks to the resolve of a group of taxi drivers who are very worried about EM, but what was crucial was a sophisticated charger much more than in other towns and, of course, collaboration between taxi drivers, institutes and car manufacturers devoted to EM.

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