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disposable charter

If you board at one location and leave at another port, you will gain more time to explore your dream sailing area. One Way Yacht Charter in Croatia has many advantages. A detailed explanation of the charter flight costs in one direction. One-way charter flights offer safety and comfort. Obtain an offer for charter flights in one direction.

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Disposable charter is a great way to see more of Croatia in less while. One-Way-Charter offers many advantages. They take a ship in one port in Croatia and give it back in another port and in another town. This gives you much more room for your routing as you don't have to bring the vessel back to the same yachting port you left.

One-way charter is ideal for those coming to Croatia by air or sea as they can select from a wide range of ports of embarkation and disembarkation. When you arrive by road, the issue can arise because you park your vehicle in a yachting port, but your yacht hire ends in another yachting port.

You will need a shuttle to the departing point. As a rule, a one-way charter is much more costly because the vessel has to be brought back to the initial basis. Included in the fare is the Skipperservice for the returning of the vessel to the port of origin and the consumption of petrol for the transport of the vessel to the port of origin.

Normally, the fare does not cover berthing in the final port, so you will have to spend 1 full working days at the yachting port where you will end your trip. But not all vessels are available for One-Way-Charter. We therefore suggest that you get in touch with us early this year when we have more opportunities for one-way charter.

It is also important to remember that chartering a one-way charter is often less for one full tag as the vessel must be brought back to the point of departure. Some of the most common one-way charter itineraries are the following:


It' s a straightforward concept, the charter companies in all the main cruise centres have many vessels that have to be relocated throughout the charter year. You have the opportunity to relocate the yacht yourself or to discount your normal rates to make the voyage appealing to yachtsmen who want to take some leisure while exploring the sailing floor.

In the following you will find a listing of the currently available one-way-charter. You can sort this by date, fare, destination type or boat sizing. So if you're looking for an easy journey and have set appointments, why not try to find the one-way street and see what travel is available for your appointments?

In case there doesn't seem to be a suitable one-way tour, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be glad to see what else we can find for you.

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