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Taxi digital tops offer the most flexible, widely visible and environmentally friendly OOH advertising in the country's capital. Taxi digital tops offer the latest innovation in outdoor advertising. The advertising with the legendary London taxis is a well-established market.

Products and suppliers:

Products and suppliers: You have a large number of digital taxi roof option at your disposal, e.g. outdoors, indoors. If the digital taxi top is 10mm or 20mm. We have 858 digital taxi top providers, mainly in Asia. Principal delivery destinations are China (mainland), India and Pakistan, which provide 98%, 1% and 1% of the digital taxi top respectively.

The digital taxi top range is most prevalent in North America, Eastern Europe and Northern Europe. Guarantee your own security by choosing from a range of certificated vendors, 113 with ISO9001, 82 with Others and 9 with OSCAS18001 certifications.

Taxi digital top displays for commercials

The BoldVu® Fleet Top Display is a kinematic new out of home media. This is a kinematic new media for the digital out of home. Digital display systems are replacing the ageing, stationary display systems of past centuries in the world's large metropolises. The BoldVu® Fleet Top Display is the next development in Fleet Ads.

With 3500 units, the double-sided BoldVu Top Drive Screen is very light even in full-skylight. Stressed to meet stringent requirements of stringent specification, these monitors are built to deliver unmatched viewing experience, safe from the top of a mobile car. The BoldVu® car stands are equipped with highly efficient backlighting LEDs specifically formulated to keep full brightness for 10 years.

Designed to appear beautiful and light in any outside setting, even in full daylight, they provide high levels of colour contrasts and colour intensity from any perspective. The BoldVu® add-on panel controls the interior temperatures through a multiple patent dual-circuit heater that works without an oil filter and never needs to be swapped. The CoolVu® provides an optimum operational milieu for the electronic control unit, which is fully protected against pollution.

The BoldVu® stands are 100% weatherproof. The IP56 designs allow them to operate outdoors without any concerns about ballistics, winds, dusts, rain, snowfall, snows, brake dusts or autogases. The BoldVu® automotive top display analyzes its surroundings for environmental lighting and meteorological condition, combining them with information from each individual image in a single image to maximize the lightness, contrast, gamma value and darkness of each individual pixels on the digital display.

The result is bright colours and high contrasts regardless of when and where the screen is displayed. The BoldVu® car operator performs a real-time assessment of each and every picture to provide dynamic and autonomous attenuation and amplification of up to 120 light levels per second from the backlit LEDs. The BoldVu® car top screens analyse the incoming BoldVu® car audio signals to make sure that the picture on the screen has the right definition, changes and does not jam beyond the required amount of space.

BoldVu® Digital Control Boards can also carry out a software and hardware boot of a non-responsive mediaplayer to recover your music. The front and back covers with solid light intensity LEDs allow the affixing of self-adhesive signs for identifying vehicles. The lighting is switched on and off by means of a rocker control which is guided into the passenger compartment of the car and can be used to identify a free or squatted car.

It is a vehicle-specific bracket for the BoldVu top panel indicator and is developed to facilitate mounting. Rear trusses are developed for each make, car and year of a car to provide secure and solid structure assistance for the screen. Enabled range42. Full brightness type current draw with blank panel averaging 10 years in 24/7 operation.

You can reduce the real current usage by up to 40% with the contents displayed on the screen up. Bottom panel connector on the front of the screen allows the wireless aerial to be placed outside the front panel frame. Mobile phone modems are needed to remotely manage the ad to download and schedule contents, perform system upgrades, and monitor system operation.

A Intel® NUC with Windows 10 IoT licence is included in the default version of the screen. The majority of 12VDC powered mediaplayers, with a small size format, can be incorporated to work with the screen. Fastening of the screen is via a vehicle-specific, robust top carrier design to mitigate vibrations and offer the necessary structure stability to assist the screen.

To secure the carrier, the installation stands must be fastened with screws and studs mounted in the trench on the top of the truck. In case a carrier is taken off, these gaps can be easily covered and don't cause any noticeable cosmetical changes on the automobile. Indication takes place from the vehicle's indigenous power system (e.g. 12VDC batteries or others in an electrically powered vehicle).

The wiring loom is led from the indicator to under the bonnet of the car to make the connection. Panels can be shifted between cars if compatibility with fixing system is available. Assembly kits are developed specifically for each make and car type, so assembly kits should not be transmitted between unequal cars.

Our monitors are subjected to endurance tests to ensure a 10-year service life. Within the framework of an online SmartVu support agreement, car operators receive a 10-year power warranty. Yes, the screen is IP56 rated for inlet of dirt and moisture. Yes, the screen prints 3500 light density bits on each digital surface, which appear lively and light even in full-skylight.

Yes, panels use 3mm toughened thermal toughened safety glazing to shield the liquid crystal panel, which is approximately the same width as the car side window. As standard, the indicator switches to power save mode when the car is turned off. Turns off fully when the power drops below a lower level to provide sufficient load for the car to restart.

When the car starts moving, the screen returns to On mode and resumes viewing the contents as usual. Get our industry-leading up to 10 year optical power warranty with SmartVu® Support. BoldVu® 3500 tit HD is designed for use in bright, open spaces in high frequency areas such as urban roads, hybrid uses, shopping malls and community gardens.

BoldVu® LT 850 mid BoldVu LT Semi-Outdoor displays are ideal for use in semi-sunlit, high-traffic locations such as railway and metro station, airport and convenience stores. BoldVu® XT 6000 ultrabright displays are engineered for extreme heat and sunshine outside environments where good visible and clear vision is a challenge and critical.

Do you have a large car pool and want to monetise the rooftop with digital advertisements? How do you begin? These are two main digital top technologies that are used in automotive applications, namely LEDs and LDC. What is the importance of picture clarity for your purchasing decisions, and how can you see what you can look for in different digital imaging choices?

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