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So he asked me if his car would work for Uber or Lyft. About will begin to pay some riders to change to electric vehicles. Electric vehicle users can receive an increase as part of a new piloting scheme. On Tuesday, the firm started a major drive to get riders to sell their filthy fossil-fuel cars for clean, electric ones - in part by giving them more cash to change.

Driving Riese heralded a one-year piloting programme to give financial incentive to some electric vehicle or EV users with the aim of enabling at least 5 million journeys over the next 12 month. It also adds functionality to its Driver Application for those who specifically use this type of vehicle, and works with nonprofit organizations and UC-Davis research scientists to explore new ways Uber and community government can promote the introduction of EV.

Discounts for driver switching to an EV differ from town to town. For example, in Sacramento, the SMUD, the municipal public utilities company, is making $1.25 per journey available in a zero-emission car, which will be rounded up to $1.50. The cost of the journey is $1.25 per journey. In addition, the driver has free on-board loading via SMUD's DC rapid loading area.

PHEV (Plug-in Electric Plug-In Electric Vehicle) and BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) riders who travel outside the utility's service area will continue to earn $1.50 per Uber travel stimulus. Uber is planning to give PHEV and BEV car owners one buck per ride in San Diego and San Francisco. At LA, riders will not get any cash benefits for EV rides, but Uber is planning to give education aid.

Pittsburgh provides over $1 per journey for BEV or HEVs. We are also in discussions with the Duquesne Light Company to upgrade the city's high-speed loading facility, which is a big issue in Pittsburgh inner-town. About has a $5,000 dollar federal stimulus package that can be spent on drivers in Pittsburgh in 2018, a spokesman said.

In the USA and Canada, there were about 4 million journeys by over-drivers in electric automobiles in 2017, the corporation says. The continuing competition with Lyft is certainly another attraction. Recently, Lyft made an announcement of an $1 million capital outlay to become a fully climate-neutral transport provider. Lyft will offer at least 1 billion journeys per year with independent electric motorcycles by 2025.

Currently, there are 100,000 Lyft riders in the USA who use the EV, although some of them are also likely to override.

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