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Cheapest flight

Find the cheapest flight to Indonesia! Lowest cost flight to Europe from all US states It is the gold era of flying to Europe. Pricing battles have lowered tariffs so low that it is no longer overwhelming for an air carrier to offer a one-way flight to Europe for $99 or less. But despite the flood of dealings, the vast majority is not the cheapest option.

Nevertheless, reported that Europe is the cheapest flight it has received in the last three seasons. The kayak gathered information from its own website to emphasize the cheapest holiday resort in Europe in summer from any state in the United States by using the average cost for that resort during the year. The following are detailed information on the goals and average fares shown in the top part of the chart.

Kayak has allocated him the closest foreign aerodrome for states without an foreign aerodrome. And one of the largest takes aways is that the inexpensive travel to Iceland is genuine. The best destinations for 25 of the 62 foreign kayak destinations were Reykjavik. By car you can come to Iceland from all over the USA, and it is definitely rewarding.

Dublin, the second most popular town, is a somewhat more unexpected low-cost target for many in the USA. Kayaking provided information on several different airport types for some countries. This information is below as the chart above shows only the cheapest of these trips.

Lowest cost flight to Asia from all US states: Receive discounted air travel to Asia

Travelling from the USA to Asia is not inexpensive. You' re not gonna find a match for the $99 flight to Europe. Above chart shows the cheapest mean flight fare to Asia from any US state. It' not the cheapest one-way flight you will find, but the best value on all.

Countries without an Asian intercontinental service were ordered to kayak to the nearest intercontinental destination. Pricing is certainly not as tempting as in Europe, where some low-cost carriers have sparked a fierce pricing battle. But there are still cheap planes. Coming from the bordering USA you can travel to China for only $587 (again this is the average so you can find this flight for even cheaper) or at the other end of the scale it could be up to $1,469.

Most of the countries are located in South East Asia, which makes good business sense given that the west of Asia is much further away. Have a look at a breakdown of kayak information below, which might help you get a feel for where you can go from whatever state you fly from, cheaply.

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