Mac Book Air 3

Book Mac Air 3

New MacBook Air 3.2 (late 2010) all specs and more information The MacBook Air 3.2 (13-inch, end of 2010) is the sub-notebook developed, crafted, and built by Apple. It' the trade-off between MacBook Pro and MacBook Retina and the top of the line MacBooks Air 2010. The MacBook Air Core 2 Duo 1.

86 13 inches (end of 2010) is the massively crafted aluminium case with a full-fledged, unlit keypad, 13th inch.

The MacBook Air Core 2 Duo 1. 86 (13-inch, end of 2010) is operated with a dual-core Air Core 2 Duo (SL9400 for 1. 86GHz or SL9600 for 2. 13GHz) and an embedded NVIDIA GeForce 320M GPU with 256MB of DDR3 common storage. The MacBook Air Core 2 Duo 1. 86 13-inch (late 2010) does not feature Firewire, Ethernet (with an optional Ethernet adapter), and visual I/O.

Notice that MacBook Air 3.2 13-inch 2. 13GHz Core 2 Duos 2. 13 (late 2010) is the custom, but soon to be released as the official MacBook Air 3.2 build-in. Code name: MacBook Air. Processing speed: 1. 86 gigahertz (SL9400). 13GHz ( SL9600 ). 64-bit processing architectures. CPU type: The Air Core 2 Duos (SL9400) "Penryn" and later the Air Core 2 Duos (SL9600) "Penryn".

CPU upgrade: brazed. Kernels: 2. Graphic core: Yes. Diagrams: 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 320M video card with DDR3 common storage and micro-DVI out. 1. 86 gigahertz (SL9400) Intel Core-2 Dual with 6 Mb of on-chip LG2ache. SL9600 13GHz Intel Intel CoreĀ 2 with 6MB on-chip 2 Duo storage.

MacBook Air, on the other for its part, isn't built for multi-tasking or "heavy" applications for complex compute. Firstly, the built processors do not allow to overclock. Secondly, being overclocked means more heating and superheating, so your CPU will be safely killed in such a thin case with no airflow. This MacBook Air is similar to smart phones that cannot be upgraded. What's more, it's also a great way to get the most out of your MacBook Air.

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