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Ubers flight care plans for Los Angeles could really start by 2020. Climbing into the fuel cell in my entrance (you could call it a car) I dared to enter the hell landscape known as Los Angeles Street Music. Ueber feels there is a workaround, one that goes beyond conjuring someone to do the mileage. I went up to the top of the closest high-rise and jumped into the bright blanket of snow hybrids of helicopters and drones awaiting a 200 mbph ride over the city.

Yes, Uber wants to sell Flying Autos. They have made arrangements to operate a kind of services in Dallas and Dubai. Uber said this weekend that it wants to start at least a few airplanes in Los Angeles in 2020, with a genuine business car fleet to come a few years later.

In order to go with the messages, Uber published a videotape that describes how it thinks that this could go. Assistant in an agency waistcoat in bright red brings a group of four people to the plane. The only thing left is to lean back, unwind and laugh at the lollipops that are trapped in the old roadway.

When, that is, Uber can solve all the issues associated with the introduction of a new type of transport services. This means dealing with ATC, identifying suitable itineraries, solving sound pollution and - oh yes - getting your fingers on a pile of airborne vehicles. However, here is the really weird thing: Uber has a fair opportunity to find out everything.

Since the beginning of this elusive voyage, the airline has been insisting that it help create an eco-system that enables a flight operation. In the same way as it does not construct automobiles or control junctions, it does not intend to construct its own automobiles or employ its own flight guides. Los Angeles is already full of choppers flew by the cops, intelligence services and others.

"When you have more than a few rotary-wing aircraft that fly through a conurbation, there are issues about airspace," says Seth Young, who heads the Center for Aviation Studies at Ohio State University. A helicopter can fly according to VFR regulations (i.e. keep an eye on each other and prevent each other), but in a bustling town like LA it must also consult with ATC.

The addition of several hundred more cars will make this system unworkable. Admit it. "Uber has therefore said he will help NASA design its unmanned transport system for unmanned aircrafts. Don't anticipate this programme looking like Uber's groundhandling, at least not for a while. They could go over highway lanes to help with traffic noises ( Holden has said that electrical planes should be less noisy than your default helicopter) and avoid the data protection issues of wealthy people who are living near the Hollywood shield and don't want every tourist-filled cab that flies to make a circuit for a take.

Uber is working with renowned aviation and space companies such as Embraer, Bell Helicopter, Pipistrel, Aurora Flight Sciences and Mooney Aviation. The use of new material makes light cars lighter. Progressive computer control systems make it easy for cars to travel and should ultimately make them self-sufficient (although this raises a number of new regulative concerns).

Between a few demo planes that can carry perhaps 20 persons per minute from one side of a town to the other, and a business air ambulance that has to carry thousand to be cheap, there is still a long way to go. Over suggests the point-to-point transportation of airline pads, but as it increases it will struggle with an overload of air by cars awaiting landing while still lazing around getting in and out of the preceding car.

It must also take into account conventional road overload when there are a number of vehicles awaiting to collect or hand in leaflets to take the last few miles. Pennsylvania has just entered into an arrangement that allows Uber and Lyft to maintain a few kerbs. Über has entered into an arrangement with the Sandstone Properties development company, which will be installing SKYPORT on the top of 20 of its LA area properties, and says it will continue to do so.

By 2014, Los Angeles required that all high-rise building have a helicopter port on the rooftop to be evacuated during a fire or earthquake. The result was L.A.'s famous boring and box-shaped cityscape, but now the reign of the'70s can make the town a welcome place to live, and whatever competition follows it into this brightuture.

About says that a zooming through the sky one of these days will be the same as a UberX drive now, so the third dimensions are open to ordinary humans, not the one per cent that now brings choppers to the Hamptons. The 2020 goal is only for demo flight, but the airline says full business services should be in place long before the 2028 Olympic Games in LA arriv.

In the meantime, it's something you can always hope to see in your own everyday struggles with transport.

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