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The first official drift taxi and drift taxi driver in America. Homepage | Drifttaxi Hi everyone and welcome to the Drift Taxi home! The Drift Taxi creates and develops a new branch, which we call "Motorsports Entertainment". Motorsport Entertainment's main emphasis is more on spreading the excitement, smile, thrill and drift of motorsport to the world. Sadly the S600 isn't able to make it to IA for money but Drift Taxi's own Barry Clapp is out there and represents tough!

Taxi drift is a very funny and funny ride and I really..... It is a great time for Drift Taxi and I trust you will help us to thank CEIKA with your support by going to their website, visit their corporate website,.....

Japan's drift taxi will take you to the side country.

Nürburgring has its notorious Ringtaxi to please and/or frighten tourist who just want a fast drive across the racetrack. That' s why Japan put the Ebisu concept into practice: the Drift Taxi. Orange Team has this Toyota JZX110 Mark II at Ebisu, just to let Ebisu live side by side without having the skill or money to do it themselves.

Toyota has been slightly adjusted to 400-450 hp, but above all there are two shell seat in the tail, so you can be driven in class. The fire suit of the taxi drivers is even designed to look like a typical taxi drivers outfit. Clearly the back seat is the right place, considering how the tail of a drift truck is what is moving more.

The trips must be prebooked and the fare is the same regardless of how many persons you have.

With the drift taxi on the Ebisu Circuit it looks like epic fun.

Don't get in your vehicle for at least 45 min after viewing this movie unless you are already a pro driver or you see this on a racetrack where the drift will take place. That'?s what gets us to the drift taxi. You can' call this trip and look at your city through the sidelights.

It' an adventure that you can buy at Japan's famed Ebisu Circuit, which features not just one, but seven dedicated racetracks and two ski pods for general automobile tomfoolery. Throughout the year, the resort will host a number of races, such as the D1 Grand Prix of Japan, but only when there is no competition will it be interesting.

Like the Ring, there is a "taxi service" that guides you through the different electrical circles like a driving chef - if you don't care about being a customer. Having seen this videotape of a man called Alexi and his experiences on the road, we would be delighted to take a trip.

In order to house armchair-drifter, the gear box either provides a Toyota Mark II or a Chaser limousine. Professionals drift the rides, ranging from doughnuts on the slippad to low and fast lateral movements on most tracks, complete with a slim, touching road course that looks terribly fantastic.

According to the tape, the riders don't back down. What does it take for a real drift feeling in the hand of a pro-driver? For a one leg trip on the route, it is ¥25,000 plus 500 for insurances, which is about $230 in US greenhouse backs. This may sound like a good deal for such an adventure, but it gets better, because the expenses are not per capita - it is for the automobile.

Assurance is the only custom add-on, which means that an hours of mad drift with two of your friends would only be about $80 if you divided it into three ways. You can' just go in there and buy a trip. If you are travelling to Japan in the near term, you will have to check in with the railways in advance, as this seems to be very well-loved.

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