Blink Air Taxi

Blink Air Taxi

Blink is a British civil aviation company that offers private jet travel on Cessna Citation Mustang very light jets. Blinink's alternative to private jet charter offers a European air taxi service. sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] Blink is a UK civil airline offering jet tours with Cessna Citation Mustang very lightweight jetliners. In May 2008, the firm commenced business activities in London. Blink in May 2015 announces the takeover of MyJet, a Genoa-based carrier, with three Cessna Citation Mustang aircraft[2], increasing its Blink portfolio from nine to three.

It uses a charter of thirteen Cessna Citation Mustang planes to offer on-demand personal jets. Our less expensive and light Airbuses enable the airline to offer service at a lower price than conventional commercial jets[4] The planes accommodate four passenger and fly to Western European destination.

Wijet's Blink buy manages the biggest VLJ air taxi group.

Cookie, click away from this checkbox or click'Close'. France's Wijet has taken over the French airline Blink to become the biggest air taxi business in the word with a 15 Cessna Citation Mustangs aircraft pool and a very lightweight one. With the acquisition of the British Blink in Blackbushe, the two companies are one stage further towards their common goal of developing a pan-European, cost-effective Air Taxi services.

"With 15 planes we have a powerful flagship fleet," says Cameron Ogden, co-founder and CEO of the new business called Wijet Group. "By taking full benefit of a bigger, consolidating business in less expensive fuels, insurances and servicing, we can make the experience even more accessible to our customers," he states.

"We all have strong reputations in the business, so we are looking for an image that suits both of them. Blinink was one of the first users of the cost-effective air taxi system in Europe. Founded in 2008, the private firm had planned to provide a pan-European flight operation with a total of 30 planes.

In the same year, the breakdown of the finance market put these projects on ice - but the firm came one stage nearer to its target in 2015 with the takeover of the Italien Mustang owner and service firm MyJet. Founded in 2009, Wijet has a flourishing enterprise in France and the Benelux area.

Wijet Group expects to achieve total sales of ? 18 million ($ 20.2 million) in 2016 and to increase to ? 28 million in 2017. Based in Paris, the Paris-based firm described the deal as "another landmark in the development of the air taxi sector, where significant consolidations are seen by both firms as a way to achieve the efficiency gains that will result in sustained and disruptive prices in commercial aviation".

In the absence of further acquisition, the Wijet Group will buy the extra planes from the second-hand markets. "There are planes similar in size to the Embraer Phenom 100 and the HondaJet, but they are much more costly.

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